Ronda Rousey on Shark Week

Shark Week attracts former UFC champion Ronda Rousey for ‘Uncaged’ dive

Ronda Rousey on Shark Week

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion turned WWE star Ronda Rousey came face to face with some of the most dangerous animals on the planet during a special one-hour episode to kick off Shark Week on Discovery Channel Sunday night.

The first woman to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame went head on with Bull and Maco Sharks on “Ronda Rousey Uncaged”. The show aired July 23 at 10 p.m. EST.

Rousey and husband Travis Browne participated in a two-week training course where they learned how to properly dive and interact with the predators of the ocean. The dives took place off the Fiji Islands where she was guided by former Navy diver Paul de Gelder.  The pro diver himself lost both an arm and leg in an attack off the coast of Australia several years ago.

The “Ronda Rousey Uncaged” episode was part of the 30th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” which is one of the network’s most watched programs annually.

Rousey is currently preparing for her match against Raw Women’s Champion Alex Bliss at WWE’s biggest summer event, ‘SummerSlam’ next month.

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