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Shogun Rua says he feels ‘relieved and fulfilled’ after retiring following UFC 283 TKO loss

Shogun Rua made it clear, UFC 283 would be the final fight of his career.

Rua was fighting back home in Brazil in the UFC 283 prelim headliner against Ihor Potieria. Rua made it clear this was going to be his retirement fight win or lose and unfortunately for the Brazilian he suffered a first-round TKO loss.

Early in the fight, Rua landed a solid shot that appeared to hurt Potieria, but Potieria started to land big shots and eventually got the finish. Despite losing in his retirement fight, Rua says he feels fulfilled with everything he did in his career.

“Even though I lost, I really feel a sense of having my mission accomplished of fulfilling my duties because for 21 years, I gave my most. I left everything in the rings and octagons and gave it my all,” Rua said after UFC 283. “Sometimes, (a loss) happens. I feel relieved and fulfilled in a sense of accomplishment because I did my best and it was a long career. The only thing I can do is to do my best.”

Shogun Rua ends his career with a record of 27-14-1 and ends his career on a three-fight losing skid. However, he is the former UFC light heavyweight champion but even though he is a former champ, he says he would rather be remembered for him being a good person and a good role model.

“The legacy I want to leave and the way I want to be remembered is as a great person, a good model inside the Octagon, as well as outside the Octagon,” Rua said. “For us fighters, I think this is very important. This is really what I think fighters should put across and what I try to put across through this whole time: I try to be a good person, both as a professional athlete inside the octagon, but also as a normal person outside the Octagon.”

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