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‘Shorty Rock’ Sean Santella on fighting Lozano: I’ve fought better strikers Interviews MMA News 

‘Shorty Rock’ Sean Santella on fighting Lozano: I’ve fought better strikers

‘Shorty Rock’ Sean Santella on fighting Lozano: I’ve fought better strikers

When news finally dropped about Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella facing Matt “SMG” Lozano, fans went into a frenzy as this has been the fight every one has sought out to see in the flyweight division for years. Most will argue cases as to why these two 125-pounders belong in the UFC and how this is a UFC caliber fight, which is true! Finally, CFFC aligned the stars to make this fight happen.

MyMMANews’ reporter, Adam Crist had the pleasure to interview Lozano yesterday to hear first hand how “SMG” felt about the upcoming super fight against “Shorty Rock” which then set the stage for a follow-up with Santella for his side/response.

'Shorty Rock' Sean Santella on fighting Lozano: I've fought better strikers
‘Shorty Rock’ Sean Santella

Lozano was bold with his claims and stands by finishing Santella in the third round of their contest, but Santella doesn’t see it quite that way. “Shorty Rock” has different plans for the younger foe, Lozano, guaranteeing a submission stoppage.

Crist was able to catch up with Santella to share Lozano’s bold claims and capture the number one ranked, Shorty Rock’s side of the story and how he feels this super fight will transpire saying such claims of his own like, “I’m just going to shut everybody up!” touching on the uproar of Lozano fans calling for this bout.

“He’ll be surprised when he gets in there with me.”

And boldly stating “I just don’t think he’s got enough to keep it standing with me.”

CFFC matchmaker, Arias Garcia weighed in on behalf of Shorty Rock stating:

“Sean is at the top of the food chain when it comes to flyweights in the country. He’s fought and beaten the best in the division for years. He’s a nightmare fight for anyone and if it goes to the ground, be careful. I’m glad we got him back although I don’t think we’ll have him for too long.”

Tune in below as Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella goes head to head with our own, Adam Crist about the upcoming super fight!


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Adam Crist

Adam Crist

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