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Tavion “Sweet Tea” Askew on Mike Delouisa: “I really want that walkoff!”

Interview with Tavion Askew above

This Saturday, July 17th, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania is in for a night of thrills as Fight World 18 makes its way to the east coast. Long overdue for a triumphant return, New Mexico’s, Fight World is the very promotion that offered today’s superstars such as Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit and Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means a platform to launch their successful careers. With plenty of skin in the game and today’s superstars waiting to be discovered, Fight World 18 is upon us in just a matter of days.

North Carolina’s, Tavion “Sweet Tea” Askew will make the long trek to Chambersburg, PA. for the first time as he puts his 6-1 record on the line against Michael Delouisa, also 6-1.

Askew, who considers himself a well-rounded mixed martial artist. His record speaking for itself, “Sweet Tea’s” personality speaks differently as a fun-loving, gentleman outside of the cage.

However, when it’s time to make the flip, Askew promises to do just that. Discussing the matchup, Askew was full of confidence and options as he broke down how he feels this bout may play out.

“One of us is going to get a pretty good hit off,” he explains, “and I’d like to think it’s going to be me,” Askew relays. “And the dude is going to panic a little, which any person does. And since he’s a wrestler and relies on that so much, he’s going to shoot. And when he shoots, I can either get a submission off of that takedown, which I’ve been working some stuff,” Askew says with a malicious threatening undertone. “Or I could just defend the takedown, keep it on the feet and keep tagging him!”

Discussing his prediction, “Sweet Tea” wasn’t shy explaining “either we go all three rounds and he’s really tough.” However, “I want a punch out,” he insists. “I want that walk off!”

Tune in above to check out the entire interview as Tavion “Sweet Tea” Askew checks in with MyMMANews ahead of Fight World 18. He discusses making the trip up north to compete, his assessment of his impending opponent. We discuss how he plans on taking Michael Delouisa out and so much more!

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