The Brazilian Swede takes on The Viking Hunter from Brazil

David Bielkheden challenges Superior Challenge’s reigning champion, Daniel Acacio for the Welterweight title at Superior Challenge 13

Bout Presentation Facebook Superior Challenge 13 Daniel Acacio vs David Bielkheden

The two met for the first time at Superior Challenge 6th on October 29, 2010 at the organization’s first title bout. The Brazilian was victorious via Judges Decision after 15 minutes of battle, and now, six years and 16 bouts later, their paths cross again. The Pride FC veteran got his nickname after defeating four Swedes and now he is again put against a Vikings in the form of an old rival in his third title bout at Superior Challenge. The Swede has only fought half as many bouts during that time, where the last four are straight wins. David speaks fluent Brazilian Portuguese after years of MMA training in Brazil under Brazilian Top Team, which has created his nickname. He was the first Swede to compete in Pride FC and the second Swede in the UFC. And has competed in a lot of organizations around the world since the millennium, which makes him a true Swedish MMA legend.

Babak Ashti, Founder Superior Group International:
– We have tried to book this bout for a long time, and now it’s finally on. David is incredibly enthusiastic about the fight and Daniel is never late to accept a challenge. We’re talking about two very experienced and technical fighters who will clash in this incredibly exciting matchup. It is a lot of prestige at stake, and as if that is not enough, there is also a title belt at stake. Brazil vs. Sweden, champion vs. challenger, will David get his revenge or will the Viking Hunter strengthen his position as champion?

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