The Pros and Cons of Casinos without Swedish Licenses

The Pros and Cons of Casinos without Swedish Licenses

The gambling laws in Sweden changed in 2018. The law changes were implemented to ensure that casinos without a license were forced out while allowing for foreign companies to apply for a Swedish license. Many changes were put into place regarding gambling, which has made licensed operations in Sweden less popular.

Changes in Sweden

One of the examples is the implementation of the 3-second slot rule. This required that there be a 30second period between spins on a slot machine. The idea behind the rule was to provide some time between spins, so people weren’t just spinning and gambling without stopping to think about the money they were spending. The goal was to help curb gambling problems. For many fans of slot machine games in Sweden, though, this became an inconvenience as it slowed down their play.

One of the other changes that were made was the removal of bonus offers. Before the new laws went into effect, casinos would typically provide welcome bonuses, as well as ongoing bonuses. The new act required that restrictions be put into place regarding bonuses. Now, those who hold a Swedish license are only able to provide bonuses and incentives the first time a player plays games from the license holder. It essentially meant that welcome bonuses were allowed, but they could no longer offer ongoing bonuses.

This restricts the promotional activities of the casinos. Many people liked to play at various casinos because of the ongoing bonuses and perks they could receive. Without them, fewer people tend to want to play. This has caused many to choose to find casinos without Swedish licenses.

In 2020, due to COVID, other changes were put into place. A mandatory deposit limit was put into place, as well as a bonus limit. The country also set time limits for how long someone could play per week. This did not sit well with many of the players. They wanted to have the freedom to make their own decisions when it came to how, where, and when they were spending their money, whether it was on gambling or not.

Why People Are Choosing Casinos without Swedish Licenses

Because so many in Sweden are not pleased with all of the regulatory changes that have been implemented in recent years, they are looking for other sources for gambling. Many have turned to legal casinos that operate outside of Sweden, but that could still be played from within Sweden. Online casinos that do not have licenses, or casino utan Svensk licens, can be a great option for those who want to gamble without dealing with the restrictions. Let’s look at some of the major benefits that these types of online casinos can provide.

Plenty of Choices

One of the first benefits you will find is choice. Countless casinos from around the world are operating online that might be right for you such as this Zimpler casino without swedish license. Take your time to explore some of the options and learn more about these casinos that interest you. There are plenty of casinos that offer all manner of different games. Get to know a bit more about the casino and its reputation before you make a decision and decide to gamble with them, of course. You want to be sure you are choosing a good site that is safe and easy to use.

It’s Legal

Although it might sound like you are doing something illegal by choosing a casino without a Swedish license, you aren’t. It is perfectly legal. As a player, you are not obligated to choose casinos licensed in Sweden. The rules and regulations that are in place are there for the casinos to follow. You have a choice on where you decide to play your games, so you do not have to worry about running afoul of the law.

Privacy and Security

Although they might not have a license in Sweden, it doesn’t mean that these casinos are dangerous. They can still provide you with player protection including secure access and trusted banking options. When you take the time to choose a good, trusted site, you can be sure that the casino will work to keep all of your personal information safe, secure, and private.

No Deposit Limits and Other Benefits

When you choose a casino without a Swedish license, you will also be happy to know that there aren’t any limits on the deposits. You can deposit as much as you would like, and you can place larger bets and gamble how you like. The casinos will often have more bonuses, not just a welcome bonus. Some might even have daily bonuses. You won’t have to worry about the 3-second rule when you choose a casino without a Swedish license, either.

Are There Any Other Cons?

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing to use a casino without a Swedish license. However, there are other things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a casino, as well. It’s important to research the casino thoroughly to learn more about their policies and their requirements. For example, you need to be sure they will take SEK as a currency, or that you can change your money or use crypto.

If you are looking for casinos that aren’t regulated by Sweden, you might still want to look for casinos that have some sort of regulating body that can audit the games and provide some means of player protection. You might want to look for a casino that has a license elsewhere in Europe or beyond, which can provide that added protection without all of the restrictions of a Swedish license.

Those who want to gamble can find plenty of options for casinos without a license that might work well for their needs. When you opt for these types of casinos, they will provide you with more flexibility, great games, and fewer restrictions. Just be sure you are choosing a casino that has a good reputation and that provides you with the types of games you enjoy.



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