Learn Which Bets Can Be Placed on Any MMA Match

Learn Which Bets Can Be Placed on Any MMA Match

Whilst it will be relatively simple for you to find somewhere to place an MMA related sports bet online, the trick to getting the best betting value is knowing which wagers tend to produce the highest possible profit.

With that in mind I present to you the following guide that will enlighten you on the diverse range of bets and wagers that the top MMA betting sites should be offering you, if you find any that are not offering each of those betting opportunities listed below, then find one that is to ensure you always have the option of picking a potentially profit MMA bet to place online.

Moneyline and Total Round Betting

The most popular Mixed Martial Arts bet is simply placing a wager on the fighter that you think will win an upcoming match, each bookie will offer you a Moneyline on each fighter. The only problem with placing such a bet from a value point of view is that the favourite to win will not return you a decent valued profit.

That is one of the main reasons why savvy sport bettors will always be prepared to place one of the following bets listed below as they are going to often give you the chance of winning some much higher amounts of cash, so do read on to discover which bets they are so you can hunt around for them online.

There is nothing complicated about a Total Rounds MMA bet for you have to guess correctly whether a match will end in over or under a certain numbered round.

Winning Method and Parlay Wagers

You can probably guess what a Winning Method type of MMA bet involves, and that is you simply trying to work out how the winner of a fight will be declared the winner, such as via a judge decision, a submission, or a knockout.

There can be some huge amounts of cash waiting to be won if you place a Parlay type of wager, it is a type of bet that requires just one single stake however you need every outcome you predict on that bet to be correct to win. You could pick out several fighters in different matches to all win, and if they do the winnings from the first one and your stake is then rolled over onto the next one on your bet, then the next and so on.

Futures and Prop Bets

A Futures bet is simply a long term bet, and as such if you think a fighter is going to win a major title in the coming months or even next year then you will be able to place such a bet. The attraction of those types of bets is the odds you tend to get offered are way higher than they could end up being if you place them at a later date.

If you have not come across prop bets before then it is about time you learned more about them. They are simply extra bets that can be placed that are based around certain unique outcomes. For example, if you think a fight will not last long you could place a bet on it lasting under 10 or 20 minutes, or any time period you can think of.

New Live In-Play Betting Opportunities

One type of MMA bet that is relatively new, and one that not all sports betting sites are going to be offering you are live in-play betting opportunities.

The main attraction for sport fans of placing such a bet is that you can only place a bet on this type of wagering opportunity once an MMA fight has begun.

Obviously, the odds on several of the different bets you can place are going to wildly fluctuate rapidly as the match is in play, however they do allow punters to lay off any bets that may look like losing ones that were placed before the match started.

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