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Dylan Edwards

The Sunshine State’s Newest Warrior: Dylan Edwards

American Top Team has been the breeding ground for many of the world’s best mixed martial artists and world champions. All great professional fighters start out in the amateur ranks and make the move up when their coaches see it best to make the move. One of those budding talents at ATT ready to make the move to the professional ranks is kickboxer and MMA fighter Dylan Edwards. Edwards is 3-0 as an MMA fighter but has developed a wealth of experience recently on the kickboxing scene. Battling his way up the kickboxing ranks, Edwards earned a 6-1 record with multiple amateur titles.

The Road to MMA

With many fighters of this generation, their passion for MMA started in the roots of one specific art of combat. For Edwards, his first introduction to combat sports came with television and Karate. “I believed getting into MMA was bound to happen at some point. I’ve always liked Marvel DC mini anime shows and just a lot of fighting,” Edwards told MyMMANews. In reference to a fighter who turned him onto MMA, all fighters have one and Edwards is no different. “I remember watching Anderson Silva versus Chris Leben and I was hooked and didn’t know it was a real thing you could get paid for fighting. Later on, I started doing karate and received my yellow belt. I found out I live down the street from American Top Team. All I dreamed about was training there,” stated Edwards.

Training and Learning From the Best

Edwards could not have picked a better home base to develop his skills than American Top Team. The Florida-based institution is a multi-time gym of the year winner among MMA websites along with housing world champions for several of the world’s best MMA organizations. Edwards has already placed a few amateur championships on those illustrious shelves, but wants the professional gold to go up there along with the championship reigns like Robbie Lawler, Dustin, Poirier, and Scott Askham among many others. Edwards also spoke on how we ventured to ATT and the coaches who helped him along the way thus far. ”

I dropped out of college and started training at American Top Team‘s Coconut Creek location in 2014. In 2017 I made my amateur MMA debut and during this time Steve Bruno, Ryan Quinn, and Steve Montgomery were my immediate family and coaches,” Edwards said. “Having these guys in my corner let me go 3-0 with all submissions in MMA and 6-1 in kickboxing with two amateur titles. These guys, with their experience and knowledge, has made me become a complete fighter at such a young age.”

From Training Mats to Undefeated Amateur Run

It’s one thing to look good in the gym but it’s another to produce inside the cage. In September 2016 Edwards made his MMA debut at XFN 10 against Myles Pearl where Edwards ended the bout in the first round with a tight guillotine choke. Edwards has a strong upper-body and can lock in a very tight standing guillotine. Bout two was four months later in January 2017 where Edwards, this time, used another impressive finisher, locking in an Ezekiel choke against Bruce Excellent. Typically seen in gi-style BJJ competitions, Edwards locked in a rather complicated choke for a second-fight “amateur” fighter. Bout three, and the final as an amateur MMA fighter, came in April 2017, where Edwards reeled off his third straight submission, this time in the third round against Franklin Ramirez. Edwards showed the continued evolution of his great counter-striking and amazing footwork.

Bright Future

After an impressive beginning to his young MMA career, Edwards ventured into the kickboxing circuit. Just prior to the COVID pandemic, Edwards earned a record of 6-1. “I love to strike but more importantly I want the fans to know fighting to me is an expression of myself in a violent way. I want to become the best fighter of all time as my ultimate goal and I know being at American Top Team HQ, I’m at the right spot, and with time and hard work, I believe it will happen,” said Edwards.

2021 will see this young talent finally make his professional debut and begin his ascent to his ultimate goal. The South, especially the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, has some of the best talent in the world. Edwards is sure to stand at the front of the line when his time is called to fight under the big lights.

Dylan Edwards


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