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TJ Brown: Kai Kamaka’s team to appeal the loss “an absolute joke”

Lenny March from MyMMANews got the chance to sit down with TJ Brown after his split decision win over Kai Kamaka at UFC Vegas 25.

To watch the full interview click the video above. 

Kamaka (8-4 MMA, 1-2 UFC) dropped a split decision to TJ Brown (15-8 MMA, 1-2 UFC) at UFC Vegas 25. Judge Adalaide Byrd awarded Kamaka all three rounds, but judges Sal D’Amato and Mike Bell scored it 2-1 in favour of Brown, giving him the first and third rounds.

TJ Brown saw his hand raised for the first time as a UFC fighter, but the reaction of Kamaka’s coach’s after the official result didn’t sit well with Brown.

“Tomorrow we will be filing an appeal for the blatantly horrible decision against Kai Kamaka,” Butler told MMA Fighting. “I don’t believe I have seen one media outlet that gave that fight to TJ, and from what I understand, even TJ and his team say they didn’t win. There is little to no recourse on these judges not being able to do their jobs properly, and for a fighter like Kai who moved his entire household from Hawaii to pursue this career, it’s simply not right.”

“I’m not suggesting that the fight wasn’t competitive, but that doesn’t mean it was hard to see that Kai won every round of that fight. Our hope is that if they won’t overturn the decision, the commission will at least review the fight with us and explain to us where Kai lost.”

Brown feels the situation after the fight could have been handled better:

“After the fight he didn’t even shake my hand or anything, you should have good sportsmanship after the fight. Not only that, he’s (Nicksick) setting a example for the other fighters…instead of blaming the judges you should of asked yourself what Kai could of done to solidify his win vs blaming the judges”

TJ Brown on Eric Nicksick attempt to appeal the loss:

“Its an absolute joke man…it wont get overturn, I have no worries of the appeal what so ever. He’s upset…he’s always going to back his fighter, I know he loves his fighters but this is not the way you handle it.”

Brown would comment that Nicksick had personally apologised for his comments:

“Nicksick has messaged me personally to apologise for the way he acted and the things he said…it was good to get a apology from him because he had some stuff that weren’t true.”

Want to see what Brown also had to say? then click the video at the top of the article, for the full interview with TJ Brown.



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