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Trey Ogden On JJ Okanovich At Fury FC 53: ‘He’s A Good Fighter, Not A Great Fighter’

Video above – Trey Ogden Predicts JJ Okanovich Will Fall At FURY FC 53

An opportunity of a lifetime is almost here for Trey Ogden.

The lightweight prospect is looking to capitalize on what is a golden opportunity at Fury FC 52 this Sunday. Not only will Ogden headline what is a stacked card, he’ll fight for the vacant lightweight belt.

The fun doesn’t just stop there though.

Ogden will also performing under the watch of UFC President Dana White. White along with co-stars Matt Serra and Din Thomas will be traveling to Denver, Colorado in their latest installment of ‘Looking For A Fight’, where they scout out regional talent across the country.

What stands between Ogden and a potential UFC contract is JJ Okanovich.

Okanovich has won 8 out of his last 9 fights. He too, looks to break through to the UFC. Ogden isn’t too worried about Okanovich leading into the fight. Ogden doesn’t believe he’s in a tough spot against ‘The Bomber’ and will look to diffuse him, come Sunday.

“He’s a good fighter, not a great fighter.” He lacks in danger factor. I’m going to have to beat the athlete out of him. He’ll fall. I’ll finish him in under 10 minutes.”

Ogden hasn’t had the best of luck in 2021. He has had three straight fights fall through since March. His last fight came in a win against Cody Carrillo in August 2020. Fast forward later and things are starting to look up for the Glory MMA fighter, who has a chance to change his career forever.

While fighting in front of Dana White is huge for Ogden, he reminds himself he has to stay grounded and not get carried away in the moment.

“The opportunity is obviously amazing. It’s an opportunity every regional fighter is trying to get to, a chance to fight in front of Dana White and win a UFC contract. That’s why we’re in the game.

“But I’m not overthinking that part of it at this point. Once I get this close, I’m just focused on the fight. Once you’re in the cage and fighting, there’s nothing else as a real factor. So, I’m not overthinking it too much, but I’m appreciative of the opportunity to be here.

Trey Ogden will take in everything from the experience, after the fact. No room for emotion until it’s all said and done for the 31 year-old on Sunday night.

“After the fight, after I win the belt, after the seriousness of it is over, we’ll probably download how cool this sh*t is. At this point, I’m just focused on the mission.”

Catch Fury FC 53 live on UFC Fight Pass this Sunday night. (4:30pm MST)

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