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Justin Gaethje says he wants to make Conor McGregor’s face look like Tony Ferguson’s or Michael Chandler’s

UFC lightweight contender Justin Gaethje says he wants to make Conor McGregor’s face look like Tony Ferguson or Michael Chandler.

Gaethje just beat Chandler in a “Fight of the Year” candidate at UFC 268 last weekend in New York City. Following that win, it’s expected that Gaethje will get to fight for the lightweight belt next against the winner of UFC 269’s Charles Oliveira vs. Dustin Poirier main event. Meanwhile, McGregor has been taking to social media as of late to go back-and-forth with a number of fighters including Chandler, and as far as Gaethje is concerned, the Irishman is just trying to call out the fighters who he has already defeated. And let’s just say that Gaethje has noticed what he’s up to.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Gaethje said that he would love to get his hands on McGregor and turn his face into what he made Ferguson and Chandler’s faces look like after he got through with them. That being said, Gaethje is not convinced that McGregor’s team would allow him to fight someone as dangerous as he is, so as much as he wants the fight, he doesn’t see it happening anytime soon.

“Who cares? I don’t know. Of course, would I want it? Yes. Do I want to make his face look like Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler’s? Absolutely. Will he ever allow that? No. He has way too many smart people around him, and he’s not a dumbass. He might knock me out. Oliveira might knock me out. Poirier might knock me out. But they have to pray to God that they land that shot,” Gaethje said.

Though Gaethje doesn’t see it happening anytime soon, a fight with McGregor would be fireworks.

Do you want to see Justin Gaethje fight Conor McGregor, and who do you think would win?

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