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Try this award winning spirit, perfect for fight night

It should go without saying that many combat sports fans like to indulge in an adult beverage or two while watching the fights.  Whether it be live in in an arena full of fans (let’s hope we get back there soon – COVID), or in the comfort of your own home, fight fans like to drink.

Ordinarily, (when not covering the fights myself) I like to sample a variety of craft beers.  I’ll kick back, relax, and pop back a sixer while watching the action go down on-screen.

In my younger days, when the liver was a little stronger, I could partake in a shot or two of vodka while out for a night on the town.  These days, not so much.

But… when a bottle of Teaz Vodka found its way at my doorstep earlier this month I couldn’t wait for the weekend so I could give it a sample.

What I quickly found out was that Teaz Vodka is not your ordinary bottle of vodka (at least not like the ones I remember).


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Aside from its unique, flashy bottle which depicts a woman with voluptuous breasts, the vodka itself is extremely smooth.

The inscription on the side of the bottle states, “Wrap your fingers around our seductive bottle and let Teaz Premium Vodka dance on your tongue and tantalize your taste buds.”

With a statement like that I figured I should first try it without mixing the vodka with any other drink.

I took a small sip and… gone were the days of making horrible faces while throwing back a shot.  Teaz Vodka was an as perfect tasting vodka as one might hope for.

Tonya Grubb is the Founder and CEO of Teaz Vodka.

With two decades of knowledge in the beverage industry along with her artistic imagination, Tonya set out to create a unique bottle design that would stand out from other brands.  She definitely nailed in that department.  The now empty bottle sits on my mantle like the leg lamp sits on the father’s table in a ‘A Christmas Story.’

With her visually stunning bottle design, Tonya would only use an equally extraordinary vodka so she followed her roots to France where she would help create an award winning premium vodka she is proud to serve.

Tonya’s bottle includes a bottle light which makes for great display and proves to be an easy conversation starter.  Everyone that walked into my house, asked me about the Teaz Vodka bottle I had sitting there.

Although I was stingy in handing out free samples, the little shares that were received, were quickly downed and complimented.

My only take away from the design (and this could easily be due to user error), was that some times the pour wasn’t so easy.  I did have a few spills, but nothing that would deter me from making a future purchase.

More about Teaz Vodka

92 Points, Premium Vodka • 15x’s Spirits Award Winner
Teaz Vodka 40% Alc./Vol.(80 proof) • 750ml • Imported From France • 5 Times Distilled Premium Wheat Vodka • Blended With The Purest Water From The French Alps • Each Unique Bottle Is Meticulously Hand Detailed • Limited Edition Design
•Teaz White Bottle Light Included. Multi Color Lights Sold Separately

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