Tyron Woodley, Breaking down the UFC welterweight division

Tyron Woodley believes he beats Georges St-Pierre if they fought in their primes

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is now training at TriStar Gym in Montreal with the likes of Firas Zahabi, and Georges St-Pierre.

For Woodley, it is a unique situation as he has called for a fight with the Canadian before and now is his training partner. But, after training with him, he is confident he would have beaten St-Pierre.

“[St-Pierre] trained with the best wrestlers he could train, he trained with Greg Jackson, then he trained with Freddie Roach,” Woodley said at a fan Q&A. “He took his time and his money and invested into himself. So I took that rubric and I did the same thing to me. I think naturally I’m faster, I think I punch harder, I think I kick harder, I think I wrestle better, I think we both mentally tough. I think if you match us at our prime, I think I win that fight.

“And I’ve always wanted to prove that. Not to you guys, but to myself because he was the king of the throne for a very long time. You can’t ever walk around and say you the greatest that ever did it knowing that this guy’s living, willing, able and competitive enough to still compete. So that’s why I was pushing for that fight. Not so much for the money, I’m going to make money anyway. But so much more for myself, that I can prove that I am the greatest welterweight that’s ever walked around.

“Once I recognized that we were never gonna fight, then I said why not us train? I’m going to get the same motivation, but now instead of 25 minutes, I can share weeks, hours, months, on picking his brain, swapping techniques. Now my legacy is based on who I beat, how I beat them, how long I reigned at the top. That’s going to be my argument why I’m the greatest of all-time.”

However, a fight between the two is most likely to never happen. But, Tyron Woodley still believes he is the greatest welterweight of all-time.

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