Tyson Fury Confirms He Will Face Francis Ngannou In MMA Gloves After Wilder And Joshua

Tyson Fury calls for fight against Francis Ngannou who responds with a counter offer

The worlds of MMA and boxing continue to collide, with two of the biggest and most-known heavyweight fighters in each sport calling each other out. On Thursday morning the current heavyweight lineal and WBC boxing champion Tyson Fury called for a fight against UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, who is preparing to defend his title later this month at UFC 270.

The initial callout from Tyson Fury began a back-and-forth between both champions, just weeks before Ngannou is set to face former teammate Ciryl Gane in a unification heavyweight title fight at UFC 270. Ngannou initially responded to Fury’s call for a boxing fight with a counter offer of facing him under MMA rules with boxing gloves on rather than 4-ounce MMA gloves.

After getting Ngannou’s counteroffer, Fury took aim at previous comments from Ngannou saying he could defeat both Fury and former champion Deontay Wilder, in a boxing match. In his response, Tyson Fury also noted that it would be the biggest payday of Ngannou’s career.

In the final response to their back-and-forth, Francis Ngannou responded to Fury saying that once he took care of business at UFC 270, he would be open to doing business under any rule set that was agreed upon, adding he’d fight him anywhere, including a phone booth if he had to.

The intrigue of Tyson Fury calling out Francis Ngannou is that Ngannou is currently in a battle with the UFC over a contract dispute and he’s also made it known that he has serious intentions of getting into boxing before his career is over. UFC President Dana White recently revealed that Ngannou’s fight at UFC 270 is the final deal on his contract and said if the champion doesn’t want to continue fighting there, it’s on him. Ngannou’s agent would respond to the comments from White, saying the contract dispute is not all about money.

Recently it was revealed that Francis Ngannou is looking to make sure there is a boxing clause in his next deal with the UFC, which will allow him to compete in boxing matches while being under contract with the UFC. Whether or not the UFC would be open to it is unknown at this time, and much of his situation will likely become clear after his title fight against Gane. No matter what happens, it seems Tyson Fury is ready for Francis Ngannou.

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