Tyson Fury Claims He’s Received a Contract for Jon Jones Hybrid Fight In UFC

Today on Twitter Spaces, boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury claims he has received a contract from the UFC for a “hybrid fight” with the UFC’s heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Listen below:

So first off what is a hybrid fight? The rules on that could be varied. Is it a boxing match in 4 ounce gloves in the UFC cage? Fury’s called for that in the past. Or is it closer to what Rodtang and Demetrious Johnson with a five round alternating rounds fight? In other words, round one boxing, round two MMA and so on? Or we can take Khabib’s suggestion he made to Floyd Mayweather: 11 boxing rounds and then one round MMA. The details are vague.

Will Tyson Fury actually fight Jon Jones?

After years of flirting with every heavyweight champion since Cain Velasquez, will Tyson Fury finally put his money where his mouth is? Fighting Jon Jones in a hybrid match will take some guts and could hurt the Fury brand. Remember when James Toney “fought” Randy Couture and Couture mauled him in one round. That remains to be seen. The ball is in Fury’s court.

Also in the clip above, Fury says that talks with the latest PFL signing, Francis N’Gannou, for a boxing or hybrid match as well. That’s also something teased for a long, long time.

Circling back to the Jones fight, Tyson Fury is signed to an ESPN Top Rank Boxing deal. Of course, the UFC is also signed to air on ESPN with all fight nights and pay per view events through 2025. That indicates that the broadcasting of the fight would be a no brainer.

But just because Tyson Fury has received a contract doesn’t mean he will fight. There’s a bunch of down side to Fury fight Jones in a hybrid fight for Fury himself. There’s still a long way to go and it’s apparent that Fury is hard to get a contract signed from.

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