Dana White wants Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury to fight an MMA match in the UFC

UFC president Dana White wants to see UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones vs. boxing superstar Tyson Fury fight an MMA match in the UFC.

Jones and Fury have been going after each other on social media as of late, with Fury pushing for Jones to step over to boxing and fight him in the ring. However, we know that Fury is a far superior boxer, so as good of a fighter as Jones is, a Fury boxing match likely wouldn’t go well for “Bones.”

However, an MMA fight is a different story, as that is where Jones is at his best, and White wants to see it happen. Speaking to the media following UFC Vegas 74, White once again said that he wants to see Jones fight Fury inside the Octagon, and he promised Fury that he would get him paid well.

“I like Tyson Fury, I have a great relationship with Tyson Fury. So there’s this debate right now about the baddest man on the planet, right? And Jon Jones is the baddest man on the planet. There’s no doubt about it. So when you talk about who’s the baddest man on the planet, if two guys fought, fought, in a fight, who would win? If you want to discuss another baddest man on the planet, it would be Tyson Fury in a boxing arena,” White said (via MMAjunkie.com).

“We all know if Jon Jones boxed Tyson Fury, Tyson Fury wins. All these boxing guys want to talk about this and keep it in the ring. I’m telling Tyson Fury, who I respect very much: If you really want to find out who the baddest man on the planet is, I will make that fight. I will make Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury in the octagon. And we’ll figure it out. We figured out how to pay Floyd (Mayweather), we’ll figure out how to pay you too, Tyson.”

Do you think Dana White will be able to get Tyson Fury to fight Jon Jones in the Octagon?

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