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Marlon Moraes: Gabriel Alves Braga “Not on My Level”

Marlon Moraes tests skills with Gabriel Alves Braga at PFL 4: Regular Season on June 8th.

Moraes appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss how he felt about his previous opponent being suspended by the NSAC, the machinations of this new matchup, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from our chat above.

Marlon Moraes

Moraes’ feelings on his previous opponent Alejandro Flores having to withdraw following a suspension from the NSAC

“Man, to be honest, I got nothing to say about it. I’m in the tournament and when you’re in a tournament, you have to expect to fight anyone. The other time I was there, we were locked in, and I have an opponent. But I really was expecting to fight anyone. If my opponent has to change fight day, I was expecting because that’s a tournament. For the safety of the sport, it’s good for them to be testing the fighters.”

Marlon Moraes continued, “I don’t know, you know. I don’t know what he did. I’m not one to judge the fighters and say what they can and what they can’t. A lot of people make mistakes in life. Why not the commission? We never know. I can’t say anything because I can’t prove. So, I’m just worried about my fight, getting there, and performing… You never know. Maybe they can be wrong because I’ve seen people proven. But I don’t think with the PFL, you got time enough, you know. I don’t know, man (laughs). I don’t know why. It’s a hard position.”

PFL 2023

if he feels any way about being the first to defeat an unbeaten fighter and Moraes’ thoughts on the skillset Braga brings to the table

“No, man. He’s a great talent, you know. Like the PFL doing the challengers (series), they’re finding so many good talents. This guy is from Rio (de Janeiro) as well. I’m from Rio, I moved to the US a long time ago. I know the way they work but it’s gonna be the biggest test of his career definitely, facing me. Now he’s going to have to hang with the lions, you know… He’s a tough guy, you know. He’s a good striker. A durable guy but I see myself beating him and I have the weapons to beat him. He’s a good fighter but he’s not on my level, not yet.”


Being a former WSOF champion and being part of the same lineal promotion now as the company brings in Francis Ngannou, Jake Paul, and navigates pay-per-view super fights

“It’s great, man. It’s great to see Francis Ngannou, Jake Paul, and all the rumors behind the PFL. They’re doing the right thing. They’re doing what they have to do. To be big, you have to have big names, big stars. I’m happy and I’m grateful to be on the roster and see that the boss is working.”

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