Larissa Pacheco

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Larissa Pacheco on Kayla Harrison “Same formula since 2019”

Larissa Pacheco tests skills with Kayla Harrison for the lightweight title at the 2022 PFL Championships on November 25th.

Pacheco appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and touched on multiple topics before this high-stakes, million-dollar trilogy clash. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Larissa Pacheco

If Pacheco has been impressed at all by Harrison’s 2022 PFL campaign

“Well, not really. She’s a very determined person which I guess makes her successful. But her formula is the very same formula since 2019. Nothing really changed, she does not put herself out there. She does not know risk for improvement.”

If Pacheco ever thought she would reach a stage like this (a Madison Square Garden main event on pay-per-view) when beginning her Muay Thai training at the age of 15

“No, I never saw this coming and I didn’t even pursue it to be honest with you. I took it step by step. Started for the love of fighting and it took me here. I enjoyed the ride out here instead of just looking at the final goal.”

2022 PFL Championships

Having a five fight winning streak with all first round finishes (three specifically in the 2022 season) and if she expects a similar outcome in this Harrison trilogy bout

“No, I think Kayla’s a great opponent. Kayla’s a great fighter. I don’t anticipate it being a fast night for me and that’s not honestly how I measure my fights either. I don’t really plan on going there and trying to break a record of my own. The quick finishes is just a translation of the work I’ve been putting in and the situations I’ve been putting myself in, in training that then make the fighting itself a lot easier.”

Past titles in leagues like Jungle Fight and what the PFL title would mean in her career

“This would be the pinnacle of my career so far. Jungle Fight and the other places I’ve fought were definitely major organizations. But the PFL is at the very top of the list. So to be able to bring this belt home would mean the world to me.”

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