Urijah Faber retires

Urijah Faber was offered and had interest in Kron Gracie fight

When the UFC was returning to Sacramento, the rumors started to swirl that UFC Hall of Famer, Urijah Faber was going to return to the Octagon. And, that is exactly what is happening as in the co-main event, he is set to take on Ricky Simon. But, that was not the original fight planned.

Rather, Urijah Faber had interest in fighting jiu-jitsu ace, Kron Gracie, and he was reportedly offered that fight.

“They offered me the Kron Gracie fight and they said it would be the main event and I said, ‘Yeah, I would be interested in that,’” Faber said to MMA Junkie. “I know he trains with Nick and Nate Diaz, I don’t know how involved he is with them. I have a really good relationship with those guys and maybe that’s why the fight didn’t happen. Maybe he just didn’t feel like he wanted to do it in Sacramento during that time. He’s a bit of a unique cat. That was offered, they’d talked about Cub Swanson who they’d offered me a couple (of) times in the past. When that was brought up they said no to that deal.”

Now, however, he is fighting Ricky Simon while Gracie is fighting Cub Swanson later this year. So, the focus is now on Simon, who Faber knows is a tough opponent, and it will no doubt be a very hard fight for his return fight.

“I don’t see Ricky Simon breaking,” Faber said. “That’s something that’s happened in the past you push guys to breaking points and he knows that’s not going to happen with me. It doesn’t happen. I think I just have to be better. First to the punch and better in all areas. He’ll be very good someday, but I don’t think he’s at my level now.”

Whether or not that is true is to be seen. But, Urijah Faber is confident he gets another win on Saturday.

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