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The History of Mixed Martial Arts

VIDEO: The History of Mixed Martial Arts – THIS IS A MUST SEE

Imani Muleyyar is an amateur mixed martial artist with a true sense of passion for the sport of MMA. You can immediately understand and practically feel that passion while watching a 22-minute documentary he not only put together but narrated to outline the history of mixed martial arts.

“It took about a month to write and a week to produce,” Muleyyar said. “I did all the production and narration. I am just a lover of MMA and wanted to share my love and knowledge of the sport with the world.”

The film takes the viewer back before there was an Ultimate Fighting Championship, before there were mega MMA stars, but does not shy away from the fact that some of today’s athletes are the best to have ever competed.

The History of Mixed Martial Arts

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Discover the history of mixed martial arts in our latest documentary. From the ancient Greek Olympic games to modern times, we trace the origins of the sport and how far it has come.

What lies ahead for MMA? Let start by seeing how this phenomenon started and why it continues to captivate audiences world wide.

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