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Vincent Cachero – Trying to fight the best guys he can to prove he’s ready for the UFC

At LFA 62, unbeaten Vincent Cachero looks to remain that way. If he s does, he’ll walk away with the LFA interim bantamweight title, but he must get past short notice replacement opponent, LFA interim flyweight champion, Casey Kenney.

LFA Champion Miles Johns sustained a hand injury. How much of a relief was it finding an opponent?

“Yeah, a relief. But, I’m even more excited for this fight because Casey likes to walk forward, he likes to throw heat. And I like to do the same thing. So, it going to be an even better fight for me.”

How much did the change of opponent change your preparation for the 22nd?

“To be honest, not much. The only thing that’s really that much different is that he’s a southpaw. Luckily, I have my boy, Terrion ‘Flash’ Ware, he’s one of my main training partners and he’s actually a very good southpaw. He’s been going southpaw for me, working on a couple little changes here and there. Just tweak some footwork, tweak some movement, but other than that preparation has been the same. I’m ready to go a hard 25 minutes, if it needs to go that long.”

Does it make a difference that you went from a title fight to an interim title fight?

“Not at all. It’s unfortunate that people are going to be like you’re not the real champ and all that stuff. That doesn’t matter to me. I’m out here trying to fight the best guys, so I can show Sean Shelby, show Dana White, that I’m ready to fight in the UFC. Not just fight there, not just get there, but do extremely well, right away. Fight a guy like Casey Kenney, who’s been on the Contender Series twice, someone who’s a top high level talent at 125. A UFC level talent, for sure. It’s going to add a lot more stock to my name.”

Is Casey Kenney a bigger name than Miles Johns, to add to your resume?

“I think so. I mean he fought twice in front of Dana (White) and Sean (Shelby). They like the style he fights. I like the style he fights. Like I said before, it’s going to be a fun one. I think that he’s a bigger name for me. He’s got more experience. He’s been around the game longer. I think it’s going to be a great fight for me.”

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