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Casey Kenney would rather be the short notice opponent than the other way around

LFA Interim Flyweight Champion Casey Kenney can make history at LFA 62 by becoming the promotion’s first multiple-division champion when he faces Vincent Cachero.

I heard that when this fight was announced, you threw it out there if anyone gets injured, call me up?
“Actually I did, I sent them (LFA), I went back to my Facebook messages. LFA had a Facebook story and I commented. I was lying in bed real late at night, saw they were doing that fight (Miles Johns vs. Vincent Cachero). I think it was February 15th. I just said, ‘Hey I’m ready if you need somebody, give me a call’, and they did.”

How does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot? In your last fight, Maikel Perez dropped out. You took on Brandon Royval, he was the short notice replacement, this time it’s you taking on the short notice replacement role?
“Honestly I’d rather be in this spot than the other way around. The other way around it’s like ‘whatever I’m ready to fight.’ But, for instance, I just did an eight-week camp to prepare for an Olympic wrestler and then I fought a long, lengthy striker, jiu jitsu guy, opposite stance. Not that any of my training was lost, but any kind of preparation, as far as game planning for a wrestler that went out the window. It not really lost but I did a lot of stuff that was pretty much pointless.

Did you have any intentions of attempting to become a two-division champion prior to being given this opportunity?
“I thought about it really, defending my belt. Maikel Perez probably saw that fight. I haven’t heard a word since, he probably doesn’t want that fight. I’m the LFA Flyweight champ Maikel Perez is in the past. Kind of what happened with the UFC and the Flyweight division and all that stuff. I already knew I was gonna be bumping up to 35. I was hoping maybe I could get a straight shot into the UFC at thirty-five, but instead of sitting around to get that short notice call. I’m going to go make my claim at 35 and snatch what’s supposed to be one of the top belts out there, outside of the UFC.”

What do you feel are the advantages of being the replacement opponent?
“Not having to beat up your body for a while in title fight camp. I feel like I’m completely a hundred percent title fight ready as far as in shape and being ready to fight. I didn’t have to do the whole camp. I just kind of stayed picking away at things and just kind of staying ready, but I never really over did it. And two, man I’m having fun. I get to go in and do that. You know, all the pressure is on the guy that’s been training for a long time and was supposed to be the top contender. Now they’re bringing in another guy on short notice that he has no ideas, has been training, not training. There’s just too many factors to go into it, but I like being this guy, I guess.”

“One, I get to come in and save the card. Two, you know, look to make history. I like to do those types of things.”

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