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What to Watch During the COVID 19 Quarantine

What to Watch During the COVID-19 Quarantine

With COVID-19 canceling events across the world, it’s hard to escape from the depression of life that is under quarantine. It’s tough to escape, especially for combat sports fans. Don’t fret, MyMMANews has got your back. We’ve put together this list of combat sports events this weekend for you to get your fix.

Cage Warriors 113: Your Quarantine Remedy

Without a doubt, Cage Warriors 113 is the best option to watch during this quarantine. With a slew of big MMA bouts, it will wet your appetite for mixed martial arts. The card is stacked with three title fights. The main event puts the featherweight title on the line as Morgan Charriere and Darko Banovic duke it out for gold. Second title fight is a flyweight bout between Samir Fahaddine and Luke Shanks. Third, it’s a fight for the vacant lightweight title between Mason Jones and Joe McClogan.

If three title fights isn’t enough, you also have the return of the Cage Warriors superstar, Paddy Pimblett. Pimblett takes on Ireland’s Decky Dalton on the card as well.


If all that isn’t enough, Cage Warriors is hosting a pair of UFC fights from the canceled UFC London card. It will be UFC fights held inside the Cage Warriors cage. Darren Stewart is taking on Bartosz Fabinski and John Phillips will fight Dusko Todorovic.

You can watch Cage Warriors 113 live on FightPass this Friday, March 20th.

K-1 2020 Grand Prix: K’Festa 3

K-1 (yes, that K-1) Kickboxing is back with a awesome fight card this weekend. If you’re looking for an awesome night of fights and hate grappling, this is the event for you. The card is an actual Grand Prix with a new welterweight champion being crowned at the end of the night.

There are 8 fighters in the tournament which means the champion will have to win three times in one night to become the champion.

Also on the card is a cruiserweight battle between Sina Karimian and Hisaki Kato.

Watching K-1 live is a bit tricky. You’ll need a VPN to access AbemaTV this Sunday. Or you can wait for K-1 to upload it to their YouTube channel here.

Haru 2020 Basho

Before you laugh at me, hear me out. You’ve already watched Cage Warriors and you know you didn’t get a VPN to watch K-1. You’re still quarantined. Sumo wrestling will be there every day all the way until March 22nd.

The rikishi are competing in front of no crowd, like UFC Brasilia. But you have two of the top ranks in sumo competing and doing well. Hakuho and Kakuryu are wrestling phenomenally right now. Also other fun rikishi  to watch are Enho and Tochinoshin.

There are plenty of YouTube channels that live stream the events or even upload them close to when they’re done. Here is my favorite.

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