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Cage Warriors 113 Still Happening, Relocates to Manchester and UFC Bouts Take Place

With the coronavirus (I’m so tired of talking about that damn thing) sweeping away all combat sports events for the foreseeable future, Cage Warriors 113 is still going on.

The president of Cage Warriors, Graham Boylan, confirmed that the event will happen but behind closed doors. The card has three title fights on the card.

Cage Warriors 113 Hosting UFC Fights

In addition, Cage Warriors is hosting UFC bouts for the canceled UFC London card. John Phillips and Dusko Todorovic will fight on the card. Phillips is a UFC veteran and Todorovic will be making his “promotional debut.” The fights will be official UFC bouts but will take place in the Cage Warriors cage.

“We’re working non-stop, around the clock to make this event the most iconic in the history of European MMA,” said Boylan this morning.”

Boylan is optimistic about the chance to entertain people and give them a little bit of escape from the turbulence that’s been going on.

“The way it’s looking, we could well be the only major sports promotion on the continent broadcasting live this weekend, into millions of homes around the world.”

“Since day one, we’ve aimed to provide the most respected platform in Europe for athletes to showcase their skills. Now we’re proud to do our bit to help some of the guys who lost their chance to fight on this week’s UFC card.”

Moving the card

The card has also been moved from the O2 arena in London to the BEC Arena in Manchester except behind closed doors. It will still be broadcast in every place Cage Warriors is normally broadcast. London has shut down all events so the card moves to the new location.

There is a possibility that more of the UFC London fights get moved over to Cage Warriors 113. Stay posted to My MMA News to see which bouts are now on the card. Thanks for reading!

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