Craig Jones, Who's Number One: Craig Jones vs. Tye Ruotolo

Who’s Number One: Craig Jones vs. Tye Ruotolo

Who’s Number One

When: Friday, June 18, 2021 at 8pm EST

Where: Austin, Texas

How To Watch:


Craig Jones

Craig Jones vs. Tye Ruotolo: Craig Jones winner by Decision.


Mikey Musumechi vs. Junny Ocasio: Mikey Musumechi winner by Decision. 


Rafaela Guedes vs. Erin Harpe: Erin Harpe winner by Decision. 


Kade Ruotolo vs. Cole Franson: Kade Ruotolo winner by Buggy Choke.


Andrew Wiltse vs. Gabriel Almeida: Andrew Wiltse winner by Rear Naked Choke. 


Micael Galvo vs. Oliver Taza: Micael Galvao winner by Decision.  


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Miha Perhavec vs. Haisam Rida: Haisam Rida winner by Armbar. 


Jessica Crane vs. Danielle Kelly: Danielle Kelly winner by Kneebar. 


Kody Steele vs. Philip Rowe: Kody Steele winner by Decision. 


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