Zhang Weili, UFC 300, Yan Xiaonan

Zhang Weili defends against Yan Xiaonan in UFC 300 co-main event

UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili defended her title tonight against Yan Xiaonan in the first-ever China vs. China UFC title fight at UFC 300.

The challenger found several pockets of success, taking down the champion, even putting her in bad positions in the first round.

In the very final seconds of the round, the champion was able to secure a rear-naked choke on her challenger.  Just as the buzzer sounded, Yan Xiaonan went limp.  She was literally saved by the bell, because the fight was over.

It is amazing that Yan Xiaonan has made it here to the second round, and while she may not be winning this second frame she is still in the fight.  Nearly submitted now by a head and arm choke, somehow, she stays in the game again and avoids submission.

The challenger listens to her corner in between the second and third and uses a sidekick to send the champion to the canvas. For the rest of the fight, the champion manages to control the pace and defends the title without issue.

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