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ADCC World Championship Day 1 News and Results

ADCC World Championship Day 1 News and Results

The ADCC World Championships are finally here! Today, in Finland, it was the opening day with already a ton of great matches and surprises.

Last year’s – 60 kg Champion and current Legacy FC fighter, Mackenzie Dern, lost to local favorite Elvira Karppinen by points in the opening round. Karppinen advances to the semifinals against Bianca Basilio.

Another surprise came in the – 88 kg division. Australian, Craig Jones, defeated the legend, Leandro Lo, by rear naked choke in the opening round. Jones then went on to defeat Murilo Santana buy a flying triangle.

Some of MMA fighters who competed at the ADCC World Championships earlier today did well. Bellator fighter and BJJ world champion Rafael Lovato Jr advance to the – 99kg semi-finals tomorrow winning his first two matches by points. Two-time ADCC champion and Rizin fighter, Gabi Garcia also advance with a quick foot lock submission in under a minute vs. Amanda Santana. UFC bantamweight Augusto Mendes won his first match of the day, but lost to Pablo Mantovani by decision in the quarterfinals. MMA Veteran, Jake Shields also competed , but lost in the opening round to Abdurakhman Bilarov.

The Renzo Gracie Academy in New York standouts Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon both advanced. In the stacked – 88 kg division, Ryan defeated rival and Bellator fighter Dillon Danis (Conor McGregor’s Jiu Jitsu coach) buy points in the opening round. Ryan then sunk in a rear-naked choke in the quarterfinals vs. Roulo Barral. Tonon also won his first two matches by points to advance on to tomorrow in the minus – 77 kg division.

Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan.
Garry Tonon and Gordon Ryan.

The first of the three super fights was a dominant performance earlier today. Former MMA fighter Andre galvao defended his superfight championship against openweight gold medalist Claudio Colossus. Galvo dominated the match by not giving up a single point to his opponent. Galvez now a five-time world ADCC champion.

With still more great matches to come tomorrow, I cannot wait to see the results and who becomes champion!

ADCC World Championship Results of day 1 below:

MALE -66KG Opening Round:           

Rubens Charles defeated Uranovv Zhakshylyk by points.
Kuba Witkowski defeated Baret Yoshida by points.
Paulo Miyao defeated Janusz Andrejczuk by points.
Geovanny Martinez defeated Kamil Wilk by points.
Pablo Mantovani defeated Erno Elgland by points.
AJ Agazarm defeated Nicky Ryan by points.
Ethan Crelinsten defeated Nicolas Renier by triangle kimura.
Augusto Mendes defeated Yuta Shimada by points.

MALE -66KG Quarter Finals:

Rubens Charles defeated Kuba Witkowski by armbar.
Paulo Miao defeated Geovanny Martinez by points.
Pablo Mantovani defeated Augusto Mendes by decision.
Aj Agazarm defeated Ethan Crelinsten by points.

MALE -77KG Opening Round:

Lucas Lepri defeated Osmanzhan Kassimov by rear naked choke.
Mansher Khera defeated Sergio Ardila by points.
Vagner Rocha defeated Tero Pyylampi by points.
DJ Jackson defeated Leonardo Saggioro by decision.
JT Torres defeated Lachlan Giles by points.
Garry Tonon defeated Felipe Cesar by points.
Celso Vinicius defeated Enrico Cocco by. points
Marcelo Mafra defeated Oliver Taza by points.

MALE -77KG Quarter Finals:

Vagner Rocha defeated Dj Jackson by 1 negative point.
Lucas Lepri defeated Mansher Khera by 1 negative point.
Jt Torres defeated Celso Vinicius by decision.
Garry Tonon defeated Marcelo Mafra by 1 negative point.

MALE -88KG Opening Round:

Keenan Cornelius defeated Piotr Marcin Frechowicz by points.
Kaynan Duarte defeated Pablo Popovitch by guillotine.
Craig Jones defeated Leandro Lo by rear naked choke.
Xande Ribeiro defeated John Salter by armbar.
Murilo Santana defeated James Brasco by points.
Rustam Chsiev defeated Jesse Urholin by. decision
Romulo Barrall defeated Kit Dale by choke.
Gordon Ryan defeated Dillon Danis by decision.

MALE -88KG Quarter Finals:

Keenan Cornelius defeated Kayan Duarte by heelhook.
Craig Jones defeated Murilo Santana by flying triangle.
Xande Ribeiro defeated Rustam Chsiev by armbar.
Gordon Ryan defeated Romulo Barral by rear naked choke.

MALE -99KG Opening Round:

Felipe Pena defeated Yukiyasu Ozawa by armbar.
Abdurakhman Bilarov defeated Jake Shields by points.
Rafael Lovato Jr. defeated Eliot Kelly by points.
Mahamed Aly defeated Kamil Uminkski by points.
Joao Assis defeated Jeff Monson by heel hook.
Yuri Simoes defeated Roman Dolidze by points.
Mike Perez defeated Salomao Ribeiro by points.
Jackson Sousa defeated Paul Ardila by points.

MALE -99KG Quarter Finals:

Felipe Pena defeated Abdurakhman Bilarov by points.
Rafael Lovato defeated Mahamed Aly by points.
Yuri Simoes defeated Mike Perez by decision.
Jackson Sousa defeated Joao Assis by decision.

MALE +99KG Opening Round:

Vinny Magalhaes defeated Bruno Bastos by leg lock.
Orlando Sanchez defeated Hideki Sekine by points.
Tom DeBlass defeated Casey Hellenberg by decision.
Marcus Almeida defeated Arman Zhanpeisov by choke.
Jared Dopp defeated Abdulaev Ruslan by mounted triangle armbar.
Tim Spriggs defeated Janne-Pekka Pietilainen by points.
Roberto Abreu defeated Khamzat Stambulov by negative.
Victor Honorio defeated Jesseray Chilrey by points.

MALE +99KG Quarter Finals:

Orlando Sanchez defeated Tom Deblass by decision.
Jared Dopp defeated Vinny Magalhaes by points.
Marcus “Buchecha” defeated Tim Spriggs by rear naked choke.
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu defeated Victor Honório by decision.

WOMEN -60KG Opening Quarter Final:

Elvira Karppinen defeated Mackenzie Dern by points.
Beatriz Mesquita defeated Ffion Davis by armbar.
Michelle Nicolini defeated Rikako Yuasa by decision.
Bianca Basilio defeated Talita Alencar by decision.

WOMEN +60KG Opening Quarter Final:

Gabi Garcia defeated Amanda Santana by toe hold.
Jessica da Silva Oliveira defeated Marysia Malyjasiak by armbar.
Talita Nogueira defeated Venla Luukkonen by decision.
Samantha Cook defeated Tara White by points.


Openweight Title Match: Defending superfight Champion Andre Galvao vs. 2015 Open Class Champion Claudio Calasans. Andre Galvao wins by points and becomes a 5x ADCC World Champion.

Legends Superfight #1: Chael Sonnen vs. Leo Vieira.

Legends Superfight #2: Renzo Gracie vs. Sanae Kikuta.

Andre Galvao
Andre Galvao Galvao 5x World ADCC Champ!


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