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Ariel Zuniga

Ariel Zuniga Talks Teshay Gouthro At BTC 8

Ariel Zuniga takes on Teshay Gouthro in a 135 lb prize fight for BTC Fight Promotions. Scotia Bank Center in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is where the pugilistic proceedings take place. This bantamweight bout goes at BTC 8: Eliminator. The event takes place on Saturday, November 30th. Both men won their pro debuts in impressive fashion at BTC 6. Now two events later, these two prospects lock horns in an effort to put the first loss on the other’s record. 


Zuniga was not long ago working a strenuous construction job while concurrently training mixed-martial arts. He has since made some life changes that could lend itself well to his fighting efforts. Zuniga stated, “More so full-time MMA now. I’m working a little bit of a lighter job now. I’m working HVAC and putting more energy into MMA now. You’re going to see a better guy when I  go inside the cage.”

Ariel Zuniga continued, “I still have the power. I just keep pushing more inside the gym. I don’t get as tired with the job I used to do. Now I just go all the time.”

Ariel Zuniga

Zuniga gets a lot of different looks in his pre-fight preparations. He’ll get in there with everyone from fellow 135 lb-ers to heavyweights. Ariel Zuniga said, “We have some bantamweights in our gym. When I go inside the cage, it’s nothing new. Some times you have smaller guys that are faster. You keep adjusting and you keep learning like lightbulbs flashing all the time”

As Zuniga enters fight week for BTC 8, he does so on the heels of having signed a multi-fight deal. When I asked him about that, he quipped, “I really like BTC. My first Pro MMA fight with them. Everything was professional. It felt like a good company to sign with. You guys are going to see me fight a lot with them. I’ve been waiting for a while for Ontario MMA. Now that it’s going full tilt in Ontario, I can go all the way”

Teshay Gouthro is the man who will stand opposite of Ariel Zuniga on fight night. Zuniga recalls that the aforementioned fight week where both men eventually went on to get victories on the sixth BTC Fight Promotions event. Zuniga stated, “He’s good, man. He has a lot of experience from what I can tell. I met him at the weigh-ins. I remember him. Should be an interesting fight. It’ll go back and forth a lot, that’s for sure.”

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