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Austin Arnett plans to finish Shane Young at UFC 234

Austin Arnett plans to finish Shane Young at UFC 234

Austin Arnett had a roller coaster year in 2018. The featherweight did end the year with a unanimous decision victory over Humberto Bandenay in November. For his first fight in the new year, Arnett will look to continue his upswing with a decisive victory over “Sugar” Shane Young at UFC 234 in Melbourne, Australia.

“I see him pressuring forward early, maybe angling being the faster, more explosive fighter,” said Arnett.

“Then I’ll catch him with a shot coming in or me going forward. It just depends on how he reacts to my speed and my footwork. I do see myself catching him and putting him out,” Arnett declared.

During the interview, Arnett spoke with us about his fight camp, training at both his father’s gym and SikJitsu. We also discussed his weight management working with Lockhart and Leith. He mentioned that this camp has helped him with his speed and how that will work in his favor at UFC 234.

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“My speed, obviously, is going to be the biggest difference in the fight,” said Arnett.

“My footwork, angles, not staying on the cage, not letting him get me pressed going backwards is going to be huge. He works best when he gets guys moving backwards and he gets them against the cage, and I’m not going to be there for that.”

Of course no interview with a member of SikJitsu would be complete without some story involving the owner, Rick Little. While fighting down under, most people would think to bring back a souvenir of some sort. What kind? Well if Little and Arnett have it their way, they are bringing back a wallaby.

“We’re going to get a wallaby, thats the plan,” Arnett claimed

“We’re going to figure out how we are going to do it, how we are going to attack the situation, but we are coming back with a wallaby, that’s for sure,” he finished.

You can catch Arnett vs. Young during the prelims of UFC 234 Feb. 9 in Melbourne, Australia.


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