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Best Boxing Schools in The World

When it comes to a list of some of the top sports in the world, boxing is never left out. The world of boxing has experienced rapid growth since amazing stars started showing up. Today, boxing is recognized by a large percentage of the world. Due to the popularity of this sport, several training zones in the form of gyms and schools have been created to build generations in the act of boxing. If you are a fan of boxing, you should know there are gyms all across the world which are considered the best.

best boxing schools
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In this article, we will take a close look at some of the best boxing schools worldwide.

1. City of Angels

Although many have questioned the name of this gym and its relation to boxing, it is still regarded as one of those boxing schools to help young people with talents grow their skills as boxers. The City of Angels gym comes as a boxing school that is equipped with the right tools and a suitable environment to help people get the hang of boxing in general. Heavy bags hang from steel beams to help trainers train, and its walls are made to display graffiti art.

The boxing school helps people learn by providing classes based on endurance drills as well as on the basics of boxing. Through its training sessions, students can learn all about partner work to help build their skills as boxers. If you are looking to try out the boxing school of City of Angels, you can always find it in Los Angeles, California.

When taking a look at some of the factors to consider to help you find a good boxing gym, you will always find some of these factors in the City of Angels Gym.

2. Shadowbox

Shadowbox is another boxing school people could consider trying to help improve their skills as boxers and help them learn a lot more about concepts related to boxing in general. The Shadowbox gym is located in New York and offers some of the best training sessions in boxing history to people around. Today, the gym is used by a great number of people not only because of its great sessions but also because of its relaxation spots. This means students can spend some time at the juice and coffee bar after a lesson in the ring.

3. North London Boxing Club

Just as its name implies, the North London Boxing Club is located in the state of London. The school offers a unique opportunity for people to learn about the basics of boxing and other concepts related to it. Through its 90-minute classes, students stand a chance to engage in lessons that involve shadow boxing, sparring, skipping, and drills. Each lesson is coupled with traditional circuit training exercises that improve the benefits derived from training sessions.

4. Tiger Muay Thai

The Tiger Muay Thai boxing school can be found in Phuket. Tiger Muay Thai is regarded as one of the world’s most highly professional gym for people to come to learn and train. The school is a very popular one and offers up to 150 classes for people to learn. There are also accommodations for boxers who wish to stay for a longer period.

The Tiger Muay Thai is mostly visited by people who spend their vacations in Phuket. Thanks to its wide range of facility equipment, people who are newbies in boxing can find themselves training in the gym without problems.

5. Gloveworx

Boxing can be a tough job to handle. Of course, there are many other tough tasks people get involved in such as writing, where they sometimes require an online research paper writing service to handle tasks for them. However, in the case of boxing, people will have to work on their own, train hard, and learn all about its basics. This is something the Gloveworx boxing school aims to achieve as it offers amazing training sessions to aspiring boxers with the help of world-class coaches.

6. Aerospace HPC

Aerospace is yet another boxing school located in New York. However, people also find the gym in Los Angeles. The gym is run by co-owner, Michael Olajide Jr., a former boxing champion. The former boxing champion offers classes and unique training sessions to people. Most of these sessions include bag work and shadow boxing. And sometimes, students get the chance to learn drills that include light weights, resistance bands, and jump ropes.

7. Kobox

Kobox is one of the best boxing schools people could look into. When you are looking for a gym that offers amazing equipment and incredible training sessions with a little bit of style and visual appeals, then Kobox is one of the several boxing schools that can help with that. There are many top bodyweight exercises people can get into, and this gym tends to offer it.

The lighting of the gym offers the gym an amazing environment during training sessions. Unlike many other gyms, this one crafts its training sessions to meet the special needs of newbies.

8. BXR Boxing Club

The BXR boxing club is located in London, where some of the world’s prominent and highly-respected coaches of boxing can be found. Luckily, the gym offers a wide variety of boxing equipment to try and allows people to improve their skills as boxers. The boxing school also offers an impeccable design along with extended boxing classes to teach the people of London, what boxing is all about.

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Boxing is a great sport that a lot of people spend their whole lives engaged in. If you are looking for some of the top boxing schools that have got the equipment, the right environment, and the best history in boxing, the above-listed ones come as these boxing gyms. Asides being popular among athletes and boxers, these gyms offer the right factors needed to help you choose the right boxing gym for yourself or for someone you know.

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