Bubba Jenkins

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Bubba Jenkins on son getting into MMA, PFL 2022 season, and More

Bubba Jenkins tests skills with Kyle Bochniak at PFL 2 for their 2022 season. This fight transpires at Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas on April 28th.

I spoke with Jenkins at the virtual media day ahead of this one.

Bubba Jenkins

Bubba Jenkins’ oldest son hitting pads and if there will be another generation of Jenkins competing in MMA 

“One hundred percent. I’m actually trying to stay relevant in the sport enough so me and my son both. I have two sons. So me and my sons. It’s going to be harder for my youngest son who actually just turned four earlier this month… We’re definitely going to be seeing him. There’s no way, shape, or form he doesn’t fight. He wanted to get in a tournament last year and I just wasn’t able to put it all together. So this summer we’re going to be seeing him doing some kickboxing somewhere. Some wrestling, for sure.”

“I’m trying to say relevant enough to my little eight-year-old being an eighteen or nineteen-year-old ten or eleven years from now, me and him both being on the same card. That’s like my little Lebron James/ Bronny goal that I’ve got.”

The Jenkins line of scented candles out there; Bad Man scented candles

“The candle can also be used as an oil. So if you’re ashy, you can get out of the shower, you put your candle on. You can dab it in and put a little oil on your hands. Nothing comes of it. Not only that, it smells like a real badass man. So if you want to get your candle, there are three different scents.”

“I’m an entrepreneur, baby. If it makes dollars, it makes sense to me. I’m trying to get to the bag at all times. So I definitely have a candle scent. Defintiely y’all need to go tap in and get you some candles. I think I have a champion, a leader, and a warrior scent. So yeah and I think I’m coming out with a scrub soon and some lotions.”

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