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Renan Ferreira and Bruno Cappelozza

Renan Ferreira and Bruno Cappelozza on respective PFL 2 bouts in 2022 season

Renan Ferreira and Bruno Cappelozza clash with Jamelle Jones and Stuart Austin, respectively, at PFL 2 for their 2022 season.

These fights transpire at Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas on April 28th.

Renan Ferreira and Bruno Cappelozza

I spoke with both combatants at the virtual media day ahead of their contests tonight. Excerpts from our full interactions can be found below.

Renan Ferreira

Who the big heavyweight players in this PFL 2022 season are in Ferreira’s estimation

“I’m ready for anyone and everyone. I’m focused on this fight. But I know that there’s a lot of great players in the division. Bruno (Cappelozza) and Ante (Delija) being two of them. But I’m ready for any and all challenges in this fight.”

The influence of his mentor Minotauro Nogueira on Ferreira’s fight career

“Well, Big Nog was the one that gave me the opportunity. He’s the one that opened up the doors to his gym. For myself and welcomed me with open arms. Allowed me to train with the big boys, I’m grateful. Not only that but also based on his style, he’s ingrained in the history of our sport. Defintiely one of the greatest.”

Bruno Cappelozza

Cappelozza’s father passing around when he won the 2021 PFL title and the motivation honoring his memory gives him leading into the 2022 PFL season

“My dad was always my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. So I’m here to keep following my dreams. A dream for my family and his dream as well. Wherever he’s at, he’s following me closely. When I’m achieving my dreams, they’re his dreams as well.”

Cappelozza’s thoughts on his opponent Stuart Austin leading into their PFL 2 bout

“He’s a striker. So it’s bound to be a good matchup when it aligns with mine. I respect him and think he’s a great opponent I look forward to putting on a great show.”

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