kyle bochniak

“I’m a very dangerous fighter” Kyle Bochniak ahead of Bubba Jenkins bout at PFL 2

Kyle Bochniak clashes with Bubba Jenkins at PFL 2 in their 2022 season. This featherweight fight transpires at Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas on April 28th.

This high octane bout bolsters the preliminary portion of the card.

I spoke with Bochniak at the virtual media day ahead of this one. Excerpts from our interactions are outlined in full below.

Kyle Bochniak

What has caused the bolstering Of Bochniak’s fight IQ in his last few fights

“Growing pains. There’s levels to this sport and you have to think in there. It’s just not about going in there and trying to kill somebody. There’s a science to it and you have to be calm in the chaos, pick your shots. You’ve got to set traps and I’m a very smart guy. I have a tendency of overthinking. So if I just live in the moment and just let it fly. Stop overthinking and I’m a very dangerous fighter.”

Bochniak’s thoughts on where his fiery spirit and indomitable competitive will come from

“That just comes from my childhood. I had a tough upbringing. Sobriety, I’ve been sober for twelve years. I have more discipline, willpower, and determination than anyone would ever know. It’s just something that’s inside you that you can’t teach. You have to curate it. You have to mold it.”

“It’s just endless days and years of mental training trying to get over that. I fell into fighting because it was the only thing I could do. It was the only thing that would pay the bills and I’m good at it. So might as well do it. I bring that into the fight game. I bring that tenacity, that determination, and that willpower in the fight game. It just carries over. It’s just who I am. I was born like that and I’ll die like this.”

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