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“A win-or-go-home type of deal” Lance Palmer on Chris Wade bout at PFL 2

Lance Palmer takes on Chris Wade in the PFL 2 co-feature for their 2022 season. This fight transpires at Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas on April 28th.

I spoke with Palmer at the virtual media day ahead of this one.

Lance Palmer

Training partners for Palmer ahead of this one

“It’s kind of tough because I’ve had so many great training partners throughout this camp. I mean there are people like Dante Leon. He’s a really great grappler. A little bigger than I am and somebody that I’ve been training with for over a year now back home. He’s from the Toledo, Ohio area. Was out in Vegas for TJ Laramie’s UFC fight. I trained with him a couple of Fridays ago and we had a good group together. He came out a couple of weeks before that for the ADCC trials.”

“As far as sparring goes, everybody at Xtreme Couture has helped. Johnny Nunez has been a great sparring partner. I’ve sparred a little bit with Raufeon Stots…So getting all these different looks, different bodies, different speeds, different weights. Everybody has a different skillset so I’m pretty much ready for anything when it comes to it. We’ve watched plenty of film on (Chris) Wade but I feel like you spar different people and get those different styles and speeds… So I feel like there are countless people at Xtreme that have helped me out through this camp.”

If the points-based structure in the PFL season creates a streamlined focus for the individual bouts

“I think the points-based thing is great but this fight is one of those fights where it’s basically a win or go home I feel. Because going into your second fight with a win is way more important than, in this scenario with it being me vs Chris (Wade), I think it’s a win-or-go-home type of deal. Because you go into the second fight, yeah you could get a six-point finish or something like that. But focusing on this first fight and getting this first win really sets the momentum. No matter how many points you get.”

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