Chael Sonnen announces retirement

He has the biggest mouth in mixed martial arts but is that the legacy for which he will be remembered?  Chael Sonnen officially announced his retirement from mixed martial arts after 17 years of action.

The ‘American Gangster’ explain on UFC Tonight why he was taking human chorionic gonadotropin, anastrozole and clomiphene, banned substances for which he tested positive forcing him to be removed from his scheduled July 5 bout with Vitor Belfort.

The latter two are anti-estrogen medications typically given to women. Sonnen, 37, has hypogonadism, an affliction that affects the output of testosterone. He was on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) before it was banned by the Nevada Athletic Commission in February. Once he came off that, Sonnen said doctors prescribed him anastrozole and clomiphene with the hope of stimulating natural testosterone production.

Since the substances Sonnen was taking are now banned and he is likely not able to perform at the ability he believes is necessary to contend with the younger fighter he announced his retirement.

Sonnen was one of the biggest pay-per-view draws in the sports history and will go out officially with a record of 28-14.  His last fight was a loss to Rashad Evans.

How will you remember Chael Sonnen?


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