Kevin Lee to fight Charles Oliveira in main event of UFC Brasilia

Charles Oliveira predicts he’ll be title contender by end of the year with win over Kevin Lee at UFC Brasilia

Charles Oliveira can become a top-10 lightweight if he wins against Kevin Lee in the main event of UFC Brasilia.

The UFC’s all-time submission winner is eager to fight Kevin Lee and believes this is what he needs to be known as a top guy at lightweight.

“Nobody wants to fight me, especially knowing how good I’m looking now,” Oliveira told MMA Fighting. “When Kevin Lee’s name was brought up, I told everyone I thought this fight would happen. This is a good fight for me.”

When he was offered the fight, Charles Oliveira was surprised. He wasn’t surprised that Kevin Lee was his opponent, but was surprised he accepted the fight in Brazil.

“It surprised me because nobody wants to fight in Brazil,” Oliveira said. “They know what it’s like, but he’s a tough fighter and knows this is a big opportunity in the UFC. He knows I’m on a six-fight winning streak and he would move up in the rankings with a win. But I’m on a roll now. I asked for a main event, and my time has finally come. I want to become champion, and I’ll definitely beat Kevin Lee.”

Yet, Lee has fought in Brazil before and said to Brendan Schaub he didn’t like it. He even gave the crowd the finger at the weigh-ins, so Oliveira knows this fight will be a big one and one the fans will love.

“I know Kevin Lee talks trash and comes to fight for real, and this fight will sell well – Brasilia will love it,” Oliveira said. “I asked for this fight a year ago, and it will happen now. I’m going there to put on a show and prove the world I’m ready.”

In the end, Charles Oliveira is confident he will get his hand raised against Lee and extend his winning streak to seven and become a title contender by the end of the year.

“One step at a time. We’ll beat Kevin Lee on March 14 and then they definitely have to give me a top 2 or 3. I’ll be the title contender by the end of the year. There’s no denial. 2020 will be great for me.”

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