Chris Lee Byrne

Chris Lee Byrne talks BTC 14, lifestyle shifts, and 2022 goals

Chris Lee Byrne tests skills against Simon Marini at BTC 14: Clash. This transpires at RBC Place in London, Ontario on March 5th.

I spoke to CLB ahead of this bout and excerpts from our chat are below.

Chris Lee Byrne

The overall feel at Munda Jiu-Jitsu overall as the London, ON team readies to fight in the city

“For me, the passion has just come back a lot this camp. Just changing up a lot of stuff with lifestyle, training. Getting out of my comfort zone and focusing on things like strength and conditioning. But our team is pretty active all year round. Nothing’s really changing as far as that. Every pro card, we have at least two guys. Every pro card that happens in Canada basically.”

“At every amateur card, we try to put like four or five guys. So we’re a pretty active team. We’re a small team in London, but energy is kind of the same. It’s nice how it’s in London though, don’t get me wrong. We can have all our friends and family out for once.”

Chris Lee Byrne vs Simon Marini

Returning to the BTC cage for the first time since 2017

“I’m trying to kind of make my run this year. I’m gonna stay healthy, stay in camp right through. Not trying to celebrate even after a win. I’m gonna be looking at the next card. I’m not looking through Simon (Marini) by any means. He’s got more experience than me. He’s a big strong dude. This is the hardest fight I’ve had probably, to be honest. So I’m looking to rise to the occasion. Then move on to the next thing.”

Testing skills with someone like Simon Marini who has fought for Bellator, Score Fighting Series, and MFC

“This is exactly the type of fight I want. I’ve fought bigger, less technical guys. I fought undefeated guys, I’ve fought jiu-jitsu black belts, fought guys that have great teams who are well rounded. Have kind of been all over the place between amateur and pro. But I wanted this fight. I really did want a journeyman-type guy with a lot of experience. To really go in there and absorb off of him. Have that ring comfort and confidence. I really do want to kind of like a Highlander go in there to decapitate him. Soak in his energy and then come out an evolved, better version of myself.”

BTC 14: Clash

Eyeballing a title shot with a strong win here this weekend

“If I can go in there and look like I belong in there. Pick him apart and really show my rounded skillset. Get a finish in under four minutes or something like that, I’ll be calling for a title fight. A hundred percent. The 205 division doesn’t have a lot of depth. I think that would put me right at the top of the food chain. Top three 205ers in the country.”

“BTC will be the priority since it’s on their show. But if I can win this fight, I’m down for BFL or Prospect(FC)’s 205 belt either. But if I can run in there and get through this guy the way I want to get through him, I’ll definitely be looking at something like that in the future. I’m hoping. I don’t think anyone can really deny that either. At 205 at least.”

Parting thoughts for Chris Lee Byrne

“Just shout out to some of my sponsors. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible. These guys support me. If people knew how much money I made as a pro, a lot more people would be wanting to go pro, man. Innovative Electric, The Solar Store, Royal Canadian Garden Supply, Flow X, LiveFit Foods, Fresh Line. Of course, Dr. Faisal does all the medicals. Everyone knows him. Of course all my teammates at Munda Jiu-Jitsu and Enhanced Boxing. All these people take care of me.”

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