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Scott Hudson talks BTC 14: Clash and shout outs from Kevin Nash

Scott Hudson test skills with Xavier Nash at BTC 14: Clash on March 5th. This welterweight bout transpires at RBC Place in London, Ontario.

I spoke with Hudson ahead of this fight (when the opponent was initially Joel dos Santos). Excerpts from our chat are below.


If there’s a level of relief getting a relatively short notice turnaround after the last-minute event cancellation in December that scrapped a fight of Hudson’s

“When the fight got canceled, it was a big kick in the nuts. It was brutal. That whole situation was terrible. I’m glad to put it behind me. But I took a little bit of time off, enjoyed my Christmas, and then jumped right back into training. Even though the fight announcement came out relatively not long ago. Like I think they only did it on four weeks’ notice. But I was kind of getting ready for a potential opponent of some sort.”

Scott Hudson

Returning to fight under the BTC banner and once again fighting in a town that’s so rich in MMA history like London, Ontario

“I really like fighting in London. They really have good crowds for their fights. They really support a lot of their local fighters. I think that they have such legendary fighters that come from there. It’s kind of just a hard town. Obviously, Adrenaline (MMA) produces a lot of good fighters. I think that the people there are well schooled because of the Mark Hominick’s, the Sam Stout’s, and whatnot.”

The great work that is always had at Aegis MMA with main sparring partners like Kyran Cameron and Bobby Poulter

“Those are my two main guys. We had Adam De Freitas in there today and obviously, I’m going to Niagara Top Team quite a bit. Training with all those guys and we kind of cross-train with each other on a weekly basis. So it’s good. We got a good thing going. Good team. Strong team right now.”

BTC 14: Clash

Scott Hudson getting his own trading card with Last of the Hards

“It was awesome, man. They were really well done. It was cool because I have a couple of young nieces and I was able to give them as Christmas presents and stuff like that. So hopefully, they think that’s cool when they’re a little bit older and don’t think it’s lame. But I mean, I like to have them. They seem to be selling okay. So that’s good as well, but it’s a momento. It’s a time, a period of time in my career. It’s really cool to have something physical like that these days.”

“I was a big trading card kid growing up as well. So it’s nice to have one of my own.”

The NWO themed gear Hudson readied for December, if he has a favorite NWO member, and the Kevin Nash cameo

“Obviously, I was a big Hulk Hogan fan from when I was just a baby. But also Kevin Nash. As one of my Christmas presents this year, my wife got me a cameo by Kevin Nash. So I got a personalized video from Kevin.”

“So he actually in the video referenced my career and stuff like that. He actually went back. It was clear that he went back and looked me up. He was talking about fights and stuff like that. It was actually really cool. He did a really good job. He went above and beyond. It was great.”

Scott Hudson vs Xavier Nash II

Parting thoughts for Scott Hudson

“Just I hope that you can either be there live in London on March 5th. Or get the Pay Per View stream. If you need any more information about me or this fight in particular, follow me on Instagram at Handsome Scott Hudson. That’s probably where I’m most active and the best place to get to know me.”

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