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Sam Alvey

“Smilin” Sam Alvey will fight out UFC contract

Fan favorite “Smilin” Sam Alvey has not been able to secure a win in the octagon since 2018. In fact, Alvey is riding a pretty large winless skid. In his last eight bouts, Alvey has gone 0-7-1. With one fight left on his UFC contract, fans and Alvey himself were curious if he would be able to fight out the contract. 

However, on Monday Alvey received good news and shared with his fans that he will fight out the remainder of his contract. 

On his Youtube channel, Alvey admitted he had a feeling that the UFC was going to cut him, stating “honestly, I’ve been suspecting it coming for a while now, because I haven’t won in a while. I’ve had a couple of really good fights that I’ve lost and in a sport like this, you can’t lose.” 

In the video, Alvey explains how the call with the UFC went down. Alvey explains that the UFC told him that “we’ve decided that we’re going to let you fight out your contract.” Jumping with joy, Alvey explains how excited he and his wife were to hear the good news. 

This time around, however, let’s hope that Alvey will be able to have a full training camp. Alvey told the UFC brass that “it has been like six or seven fights that I’ve gotten a full camp to train for one guy.” So hopefully if his next fight is his final fight with the UFC, he can at least have a proper training camp.

So, it is official, the 35-year-old will return to the octagon for at least one more fight. As Alvey concludes the video, he says that “I do fight well, I’m one of the better fighters in the world, and it’s going to be an entertaining fight. So just enjoy it.” 

Enjoy it. We will. Fight fans around the world, the MyMMANews team, and I will all enjoy it. We all look forward to his return to the octagon and we really need to make sure he gets the appreciation that he deserves upon his return.

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