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Coach wants Khabib to rematch McGregor next in AT&T Stadium

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor in the fourth-round at UFC 229. Then, a post-fight brawl occurred which is resulting in McGregor and Nurmagomedov to have a hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Even with all that, Nurmagomedov’s coach in Javier Mendez would like Nurmagomedov to rematch McGregor. Not fight number one contender, Tony Ferguson.

“I look at this as more of a prizefight than I do sport,” Mendez told Off The Brawl. “I want the biggest prizefight and the biggest prizefight hands down is, there’s no comparison, it’s Conor. Obviously, I want a rematch, because that’s what it is, the biggest prizefight, right? Because of what happened the last time there’s more interest on the second one, there’s a rematch to be had. For me, I would rather have that.”

“That’s the biggest money fight in MMA bar none,” he added. “There is nobody in MMA that can bring that kind of money that Khabib and Conor can in the rematch. That’s the reason I would want that, but Khabib may want a different thing, Khabib may want Tony [Ferguson]. It’s hard to say because Jan. 29th hasn’t happened. We don’t know what [NSAC] are going to do, how long they’ll be suspended, how much money…but from my point of view, I would want the rematch for the prizefight. It’s bigger, it’s three or four times as much.”

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If the rematch does happen too, there is no reason why the pay-per-view would not be even bigger than the first. Given all of the antics that went on after the fight. With that, Mendes would like the fight in a football stadium. The fight would then have the highest gate and attendance, and what better football stadium than AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

“Now’s the time, to be honest with you,” Mendes said. “We don’t know with Conor, he’s so rich with his Proper 12. I hear it’s doing fantastic. He’s got a great image, bro. He appears to be a helluva businessman. Now’s the time to strike while the iron is hot, I say Cowboys Stadium. That would do the pay-per-view numbers; that would do everything. I think now is the time to consider doing something like that. It would be the right place for a stadium show. Vegas would be the right place if they built the Raiders stadium in time, but that won’t be built in time.”

If Mendes has his way, Nurmagomedov’s next fight will be against McGregor, not Ferguson.

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