Rachael Ostovich attacked

Rachael Ostovich explains her first conversation with Greg Hardy

Rachael Ostovich will return to the Octagon to take on Paige VanZant on the main card of the first ever ESPN-era event.

However, at first, Ostovich wasn’t supposed to be on the card. Ostovich suffered several bruises, in an alleged domestic violence case. Ostovich ended up staying on the card and will be looking to get back into the win column.

Although she wants to focus of fight week on her fight, a lot of it has been on Greg Hardy and her being on the same card. Hardy has a past of domestic violence, and fans were outright mad that Hardy was on the card. However, speaking to TSN, Ostovich talked to Hardy and clear the air.

“Yesterday I was coming out of an interview, and I had bumped into him in the lobby,” Rachael Ostovich said. “I already knew ahead of time. Ever since the articles started blowing up, I already knew, ‘I have to meet him. I have to go and squash it and get it out of the way.’ Personally, I understand why people would be so up in arms, but this is a fight. We’re going into a fight Saturday, and we need to make sure that we are not emotionally drained. I just want to make sure all my boxes are x’d out and I’m good to go on Saturday night.

“So that was a big thing for me, speaking with him. I told him ‘hey, there’s no negative with me towards you.’ I know the media can blow things up and blow things out of proportion. Just to let you know that’s not my character. I don’t care. I’m actually happy that you’re here. I’m happy that you’re making a comeback and I hope that you and I can work together on different sides and use it for good.’ Just to show people that no matter what you can always turn it around.”

In the end, both fighters will be fighting on the card. And, as Ostovich says, she hopes they can work together and help other victims of domestic violence.

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