Cody Chovancek

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Cody Chovancek on BTC 14: Clash win and Niagara Top Team work

Cody Chovancek secured a first-round rear-naked choke submission over Nicky Heinrichs at BTC 14: Clash. This emanated from RBC Place in London, Ontario on March 5th.

I spoke with Chovancek after his victorious performance.

Cody Chovancek

How Chovancek is feeling after the win

“It’s going good. I got a lot of family and friends here. It’s amazing to fight in front of my hometown crowd. Especially after all this bullshit we’ve gone through in the last three years. So yeah, it was sweet to get a first-round finish. Felt great. I’ll be back in soon.”

Looking at a specific opponent for the next BTC show

“I called out Jake Geauvreau. So I’m looking for that fight. It’ll probably happen in June or later on in the year.”

When Chovancek began his training journey with Niagara Top Team

“So I came out for Teshay’s first pro fight to help him train for that. And I’ve been there pretty much since the beginning of Niagara Top Team. It’s been amazing. I’ve never been at a gym like that where it just feels like a family. You know what I mean? There are so many high-level guys in the room. The UFC and Bellator, it’s just motivating. Watching those guys, they’re role models.”

BTC 14: Clash

Teshay Gouthro being the main sparring partner of Chovancek

“Teshay is like my main training partner. We do the most training together. He’s my main guy. You know what I mean? He’s my homie.”

The bolstered international recognition for NTT

“We’re the best gym in Canada. Without a doubt. Whether people are starting to recognize that now. But I’ve already been saying that for two years that we’re the best gym in Canada. Chris Prickett and Matt DiMarcantonio, they are holding it together. They’re giving us this opportunity. Not a lot of guys are able to train like this. We’re gonna be huge. We’re already the best gym in Canada. Sky’s the limit.”

Parting thoughts for Cody Chovancek

“No, I’d just like to thank everybody that came out. My sponsors you know you are; means a lot. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my sponsors. I appreciate everybody.”

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