Teshay Gouthro

Teshay Gouthro on Niagara Top Team, BTC 13 in St Catharines, and more

Teshay Gouthro tests skills against Kristian Bouchard at BTC 13: Power. The latest from BTC Fight Promotions goes down at Meridian Centre in St Catharines, Ontario on Saturday, November 20th.

When I spoke with Gouthro, he was initially supposed to fight Mike Johnson. This has since changed to the 2-0 Bouchard in lieu of Johnson’s withdrawal.

The weight category has also shifted from bantamweight with Johnson to featherweight against Bouchard.

Excerpts from our recent conversation can be found below.

Teshay Gouthro

Getting in work with Aaron Jeffery and a multitude of killers at Niagara Top Team and Burlington Training Centre as well

“Yeah, man, it’s nice. All the guys just meet up at BTC. And we get work in. It’s just nice because people around the area, we join up and there’s a lot of guys around my weight class, right? So it’s nice to get different looks. Not just from the Niagara Top Team guys.”

Having a Halloween birthday and what Gouthro got up to

“I trained twice that day, man. Did nothing. I just trained twice, man. There was nothing else I wanted to do. I had a little cheat meal. So it was nice. But me and my girl, we just relaxed.”

BTC 13: Power

Honing his skills at Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas

“Yeah, it was good. AJ (Aaron Jeffery) was already up there, he drove all the way down. And (Chris) Prickett and Jazz (Jasmine Jasudavicius) were heading up there. I think it was like a week or two notice. And I was just like, let’s go. I was just down. Because I was supposed to be fighting for BTC. I think it was June, I was preparing for a fight. And nothing came through. So I was in good shape. And I want to still test myself. So I mainly went down there like get some freedom too because of COVID. Everything was pretty open here. But to test myself against some high-level guys, like Merab (Dvalishvili). I got some good rounds with him.”

This fight being on a St. Catharines card and the Niagara region support for this one

“I like it and I don’t like it. I’m big on fight trips. I love the whole process of getting ready and heading out with the team on the road. I like fight trips, but I do like that it is in my hometown. Because I get to show everybody what I’ve been working on for the past year. It’s been a year so to be honest, I’m just happy to fight, man. Just happy to show everyone my skill set and how much I’ve grown. What I can put out there in the cage. Ready to step in the cage and start smiling to be honest. It’s gonna be fun.”

BTC 13

The lessons learned from his last bout under the LFA banner

“It was a loss in my career, but it wasn’t a loss in life. I gained so much experience. Looking back on it, going into the fight looking at it, I look at it like they called me up on nine days’ notice for LFA. Right then and there I’m going to prove to myself that I can show up and fight. No matter what on a big show. I fought a really good guy. A guy I probably didn’t need to fight at the time. But I’m always down. It’s fight code which is to say yes or no…In that fight, I felt good.”

Parting thoughts for Teshay Gouthro

“Watch the fight, it’s going to be good. I’ve been in camp since April trying to find a fight. All of this time just been trying to find a fight and this one finally is happening. When it’s happening, when he steps in the cage, then I’ll be fully dialed in. Gonna entertain everyone. It’s gonna be good. You’re gonna see me smiling, probably going to end up talking to this guy. Ripping his head off, taking him down, just beating him up. To all the fans, all of the guys, make sure you come watch. It’s gonna be good.”

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