Aaron Jeffery

LFA 93’s Aaron Jeffery on UFC “I feel like I’m on the doorstep”

Aaron Jeffery will take on Andre Petroski at LFA 93 on October the 16th. This middleweight main event emanates from Hartman Arena in Park City, Kansas. The broadcast goes on UFC Fight Pass and kicks off at 9:00 PM ET. The Niagara Top Team product covered a few topics with me ahead of this fight and several excerpts from that conversation are below.

Aaron Jeffery

Niagara Top Team keeping busy

“It’s awesome. Like me and Jas (Jasudavicius) just came off some fights. So we both had a solid training camp there and like you said, Zack Powell’s been here…It’s just a good atmosphere with lots of pro fighters and everyone gearing up for fights. So it’s been intense. Good atmosphere in there.”

NTT friendships

“It’s awesome. I think it helps us all kind of bring each other up, you know what I mean? We’re all kind of fighting each other by like motivating each other.”

The last win for Aaron Jeffery at SFT 23 and not being totally happy with his overall performance

“I’m happy with the result for sure. It was a tough guy; a Contender Series vet. So I knew it was gonna be a tough fight. I had about a year layoff going into that one. So I think maybe the first couple rounds, I was a little bit more apprehensive than it could have been. I think about like midway through the second, I kind of found my feet in there and started putting the pressure on. I’d say just kind of a slow start. Gave away the first round and it’s not something that I want to do often but again happy with the result.”

This quicker turn around being beneficial

“For sure. It’s always nice to have not even like close fights but like consistency in your fights. To have it kind of fresh in your mind still. A year layoff by that point you’re not even really thinking about your last fight anymore. So to have that fight just a couple of months ago, it feels fresh in my mind still. So yeah, I’m ready to go.”

How long this fight has been on is radar

“I think maybe like two weeks before they officially announced it. I had my contract. So it wasn’t a big lag between me knowing and everyone else knowing.”

Being in an LFA main event and being close to the UFC level

“For sure. I mean, it’s hard to not think about what’s next.  I feel like I’m on the doorstep. So, for sure there’s thoughts about what’s going to be after this fight. But yeah you got to just kind of take it one fight at a time. This guy’s gonna be tough, so I’m training as hard as I can. Really focused on this one.”

LFA 93

Thoughts on Andre Petroski’s skillset

“I’ve watched a bit. Like you said 100% finishing rate, he’s undefeated, tough guy, looks like a strong wrestler. But I think there’s some holes in his game and I’m gonna be able to exploit them.”

His wrestling acumen

“I’ve been with (Chris) Prickett for probably about the last five years. He was like my main wrestling coach in wrestling with Brock University. It was the number one school in the country for wrestling. So, yeah, I’m definitely not scared to do a bit of wrestling in there either.”

The sparring partners for Aaron Jeffery ahead of this fight

“It’s a similar crew. I mean we’ve got (Zack) Powell in here. He’s a bit smaller than me but we do some work once in a while. Sill got Elias Theodorou, he’s always one of my main guys. Bobby Poulter, Kyran Cameron…I was down in Gatineau a little while ago with some of the french guys like Julien Leblanc, Marc-Andre Barriault. So yeah, it’s been a solid crew.”

Aaron Jeffery
Photo credit to Aaron Jeffery’s Tapology.

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