Seth Connor

Photo via BTC Fight Promotions

Seth Connor on BTC 14: Clash and his come from behind win

Seth Connor defeated Broderick Rene via reverse triangle choke in the first round of their BTC 14: Clash contest. This transpired at RBC Place in London, Ontario on March 5th.

I spoke with Connor after this incredible come-from-behind win.

Seth Connor

How Connor is feeling after the fight

“Yeah, I’m pretty happy with it. First-round submission is what we were going for. So glad I pulled it off. Put a bit of a show on for the fans.”

The importance of getting to perform in front of the London, ON faithful

“I live here. So I always try to put on a good show. Whenever I’m in front of any crowd, but especially home crowd. So yeah, it feels good.”

The significance of martial arts in creating a durable, adaptable person

“Last year has been kind of tough. We’ve lost a few friends, some teammates, family members this past year. So it’s been kind of tough. My last two fights, I took at the end of 2021 were not the best fights to take. But took them because I needed an outlet. And this one, I definitely was able to focus a lot more despite disruptions. Martial arts and this past year has really shown me if you just put your mind to it and keep pushing, you can get through it.”

The Munda Jiu-Jitsu compatriots that were featured on BTC 14

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Being able to go to war with your team. It’s got a real bonding effect for the team. Some of us will lose, some of us will win. But it brings us closer together as a team. We learn how to train a little bit better, cover our weaknesses, and help each other improve as we go.”

Parting thoughts for Seth Connor

“Life’s gonna throw you curveballs. Just keep doing what you feel is right. Do your best and things will work out. It might not work out exactly how you think they will. But they’ll work out.”

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