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Denilson Neves De Oliveira

Photo via De Oliveira's Tapology page

Denilson Neves de Oliveira on Christian Jungwirth “My Goal Is to Knock Him Out”

Denilson Neves De Oliveira and Christian Jungwirth clash in the main event of Oktagon 39 on February 11th.

De Oliveira appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts, with the aid of an interpreter, to discuss the machinations of this matchup, the depth of Oktagon MMMA’s 170-pound class, and more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Denilson Neves De Oliveira

The opportunity-laden landscape at welterweight in Oktagon MMA

“My goal is to be the champion. I know that the belt now is with a Brazilian. I wouldn’t like to really fight another Brazilian but if I have to, I will. I’m happy that I am well aligned with the organization and in the rankings going up. I’m looking forward to keep fighting with them.”

Fighting for circuits like KSW, Jungle Fight, and Shooto Brasil to name a few and how fighting for Oktagon MMA compares to some of these aforementioned promotions

“It’s been wonderful. The first fight like I got a lot of supporters against me but I quickly got this love from Germany. Then with the organization, I kind of understood myself very well with them pretty quick as well. Even like having fought for example in KSW, I can say that Oktagon is the best organization I have ever fought. I cannot say it’s the biggest one, but it’s the best one. I’ve been having a lot of good experiences with them so far.”

Oktagon 39

De Oliveira’s thoughts on the combative approach for this Christian Jungwirth bout overall

“So this time we’re not really building a strategy specific for Christian (Jungwirth). But a specific strategy for my fight, for the way I’m gonna approach it, for myself. Because we know that Christian is also very good in Boxing. So I’m doing more like technical training with my master, with my manager and my coaches. More to cancel his game; his boxing game with my kickboxing. So this is more the insight that I have, that I can share.”

“I’m not going to do a safe game. You guys should not expect that I’m doing that. I’m going to… We have a word in Portuguese that says I’m going to lay everything off there. I want to use kicks and knees just more to cancel what he has the best. But my goal is to knock him out and using my kickboxing is more just to play against his main tools. But my goal is to knock him out.”

De Oliveira continued, “The biggest gap that I see is maybe his biggest advantage like his own boxing. He’s very experienced and very strong but I see some gaps which I cannot say a lot about it. But I can see in his own boxing some gaps. I mean even if the fight goes to the floor, I’m also ready for that. So I’m very ready for this fight.”

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