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Christian Jungwirth

Oktagon 39’s Christian Jungwirth – “I Don’t Leave It to Judges”

Denilson Neves De Oliveira and Christian Jungwirth clash in the main event of Oktagon 39 on February 11th.

Jungwirth appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss the machinations of this matchup, the opportunity-laden welterweight landscape in Oktagon MMA, and more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Christian Jungwirth

Thoughts on the opponent’s best stylistic attributes and if tape study has been done on De Oliveira

“Yeah for sure. We watch some fights from him and yeah. We have our game plan. Yeah, I’m prepared for this fight and I will show a good fight and come out with a W, with a win… In this fight, he like to punching, hard-punching. Yeah, can throw hard kicks. He’s also a real fighter. It’s an interesting matchup. Yeah, we are ready to fight.”

Having another fight to prepare for at Oktagon 40 less than a month

“I am focused a hundred percent on the eleven February, Denilson. Then after this, I go into my next fight three weeks later. But now is one hundred percent focused on De Oliveira. I can do this because I had the last year the same. I fight (Robert) Pukac in March and two weeks later, fighting (Mateusz) Strzelczyk in Ostrava. It was two weeks and now I have three weeks between the fights. One week more, it’s better for me. But it’s no problem for me.”

Oktagon 39

Jungwirth’s last three wins being striking stoppages and how this fight plays out

“I come to fight… I don’t leave it to judges and I have a problem by Oktagon when it goes to fights over the distance. But I have to win the fight before end the round, yes. It’s better for me.”

Parting thoughts for Christian Jungwirth

“Thanks all people for watching my fights and for supporting me. All in Europe in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Germany and yeah I am thankful for that. For every sponsors to believing in me. Yeah, my team, my family, and thanks all, yes. Thank you for the interview, yeah. See you again maybe in the future.”

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