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Derek Holly: ”This is a gift and I’m gonna take it”

Interview with Derek Holly above

On Memorial Day, I got to speak to Professional MMA fighter Derek Holly who trains out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and the renowned camp Jackson/Wink MMA. He trains along side some of the best in the sport such as current UFC Light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and for Women’s UFC Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm.

I first ask Derek how his Memorial Day is going

”You know it’s going well. I work in the hospitality industry and I took this weekend to just hangout.”

Derek also goes on record saying that his brother is over seas right now and his base just got attacked and praying that everyone is “alright.”

How did you get into Mixed Martial Arts?

”I wrestled in High School and throughout college. And it’s funny that I think about this but just like Michael Jordan I got cut from my 8th grade basketball team and then I decided to change my career and just wrestle.”

What attracted to wanna move to Albuquerque to train at Jackson/Wink MMA?

”I got a good fight offer from Bellator Mixed Martial Arts and I quit my job and then within two weeks I was living and training at the gym.”

What motivates you more coming off of a loss or coming off of a win?

”I would have to say neither, its all just a reflection of the work put in. I’m gonna put in the work and enjoy the journey and wins and losses will be what they are and I’ll be ready to accept both”.

Where do you see yourself here in the next five years of your Mixed Martial Arts career?

”That’s where I think I will peak physically as a fighter mentally, I think everything is gonna come around thirty one or thirty two. Just inGaethje is 30, Khabib is 30, and I’m kind of expecting that to be my time and I thoroughly expect to be one of the best in the world and in contention for a shot at the world title in any promotion.”


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