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Dylan Harnish heading to Ohio for his next trip to the cage

Dylan Harnish has been one of the most active mixed martial artists in the Pennsylvania region the last few years. Working to improve all of his skills, Harnish has competed in grappling matches, kickboxing bouts, and had seven fights.  Through all of this, he has worked towards getting fully licensed and opening his own barber shop business and he has taken the reins of the kickboxing curriculum at Mid World Martial Arts in Bloomsburg, PA.

Next hurdle

Dylan Harnish (3-4) will travel into enemy territory on August 26th when he enters Ohio to take on native Tyler Silverthorn (2-2).  This event will be hosted by BCM Promotions at Fight Night XIV: Night of Champions.  It is scheduled for Fairhaven Hall in Mansfield, Ohio, and is at 145 lbs. Harnish has never lacked for confidence.  MyMMANews chatted with Dylan to get his take on the fight.  He tells us…

“It’s a little bit of a haul for me and the team.  They hit me up on social media and sent me a couple different names.  I said yes to three names and Tyler Silverthorn said yes… I believe he’s a wrestler out of Ohio.  Not a D1 type wrestler, but a big strong guy.  I don’t think he’s going to be able to keep up with the striking and the speed of my hands. I’ll hit him and he’s gonna start shooting.  Oscar Garcia, one of my main training partners, just went through a camp and his fight against Mark Grey, so we have been concentrating on anti-wrestling.  I’m gonna go out there on August 26th and show them we’ve been working.”

Please check out our full interview on the link above.

Harnish can be seen frequently visiting other fighters’ academies to get as much work as possible.  He has even spent time in California at Uriah Faber’s camp.  His thirst to improve is very evident and admirable.Dylan Harnish Dylan Harnish Dylan Harnish



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