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“He can’t really do much damage” Elvin Brito on Luis Palomino rematch at BKFC 26

Elvin Brito defends his belt against Luis Palomino in a rematch at BKFC 26 on June 24th.

Brito came on Bowks Talking Bouts and gave great insights ahead of this rare champ vs champ clash within BKFC. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Elvin Brito

Looking forward to settling the score in this banter heavy rematch

“I’ve been kind of letting him talk, man. Because I know what I’ve been up to. I know what they’ve been up to… Showing him why I’m the welterweight champion. I’m the best at what I do.”

Lessons learned from the first Luis Palomino bout that can be applied to this sequel affair

“That was 2020. It was a different time for me, it was a different mindset. Wasn’t out there to get hurt for the money that I was paying…He did way better than me. I was expecting him to make a mistake at some point. I did realize real early that he really can’t hurt me. Never really got me in danger. Could really just laugh at his best effort and shrug it off. I know he can’t really do much damage. At 165 he’ll probably be a little bit stronger but I’ve been a champion at 165 since I started fighting in the division. I’m undefeated at it. I’ve been fighting 165 for the last two years.”


Elvin Brito continued, “Been building myself up as a 165er. There’s only so much you can do with the time that we have. Gaining the weight to be a true welterweight and having the world-class cardio that you need to fight a guy like me. So I really think that Palomino has, besides the little narrative they have going on in their head and their belief in themselves and their abilities, they have a lot of things going against them going into this fight. Against me, a seasoned veteran at 165.”

“It’s going to be interesting see what they do when I change their plans. I’m the one putting pressure on him like I always do.”

Cementing himself as BKFC’s inaugural welterweight champion last time out for Brito

“Great experience. Just the whole thing building up to it. The whole thing was about trajectory and prominence and things going the way they’re supposed to. We were ready for that fight. I told everybody on my team, I had a solid team in the champ camp, I told them I was going to be a champion before I went out there. It was his hometown, El Bandido and come get my belts. Because I’m the champion. I wanted to get the belt so people had to admit I am the champion. That I am as great as I believe I am.”

Elvin Brito vs Luis Palomino II

Elvin Brito continued, “There’s a lot of people that still doubt me and this is going to cement my legacy as one of the most important bare-knuckle fighters of my time. Because with the champ camp out here, the team that we’re building, the community that we’re building. The trajectory that we’re doing, the style that we’re coming up with. The methods of bare-knuckle and how we’re really falling in love with this bare-knuckle stuff. It just turned out being completely different than what we expected when we first started.”

“I believe that I was put here for a reason and that if our trajectories meet again for a reason. He called me out at home…He called me out and I feel like everything is going the way it is supposed to go for me. I think these guys, everything’s been going their way. It’s different when things go your way. It’s kind of easy to lose sight of what’s going on around you. The work that’s being put around you.”

“I think the oblivious nature of this whole callout coming into 165 by Palomino is going to end up a very, very painful experience for him. But it will be a learning experience and he’ll be better for it.”

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